Osteoarthritis Treatment

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, my name is Lisa Mondiello. And I am a registered nurse at Hospital for Special Surgery. And I take care of patients after they have had orthopedic surgery. Osteoarthritis is one of the most common forms of joint disease in the world. I see, firsthand, the pain this disease can inflict on patients. According to […]

Everything is designed for this man, even drugs

This is reference man. He’s a white, 30-year-old, male who weighs about 155 pounds. And he decides how we live. For decades, industries have considered this the standard human. And designed the world around him. Everything from air conditioning in offices, to cars, even military equipment. But there are other ways we use reference man, that aren’t so […]

Concerning Medication Side Effect! 💊 (5/21/17)

Using my phone, it’s all out of focus, like looking out into the distance, it’s out of focus I move my head everything’s blurry and it’s a little concerning Jaquie: We’re going on an adventure! Judd: Ah you’ve got freezing cold hands! (Judd) Eeew *They both laugh* Good Sunday Morning everyone! I slept in until 12:30 pm, that’s […]

Hourbands- The Solution to Medication Non-Adherence

More than 50% of America is affected by something called Medication Non-Adherence. This is typically people forgetting to take medicine. We have grown so accustom to this that most people just accept forgetting to take their medicine as ‘normal’. But did you know that each year 7 million people are hospitalized and 125,000 people die for mismanaging their […]


Hi my name is Pauline. There are lots of different types of medication for mental illnesses, the main ones being antidepressants, mood stabilisers, anti anxiety meds, antipsychotics, sleeping meds, and stimulants. In this video I’m going to be talking about all of these types of medication. Before I give any information, I want to stress that I am […]

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