The Role of Health IT to Improve Medication Management: A National Web Conference

I’d like to welcome everyone to today’s AHRQ Web conference on the role of health IT to improve medication management. Although a few people are still logging in, we’re going to go ahead and get started on time. My name is Derrick Wyatt and I will be moderating this webinar. I currently serve as the division of Health […]

#14.1 How to Help Your Senior Manage Medication (1 of 3)

{rtf1ansiansicpg1252cocoartf1038cocoasubrtf350 {fonttblf0fnilfcharset0 Verdana;} {colortbl;red255green255blue255;} margl1440margr1440vieww9000viewh8400viewkind0 deftab720 pardpardeftab720sl300qlqnatural f0fs20 cf0 Hi! I am Mary Alexander from Home Instead Senior Care and today I am talking about how to help your parents manage their medications, care. com reports that a recent study found that more than 80% of adults age 57 and older, take at least one prescription drug a […]

3. Set Up a Dosage System (Medication Management BASICS Video Series) (English)

(Music) Now that your family member or friend’s medications are verified and sorted, you need to set up a system for taking them that’s appropriate and easy to use. Medication sets – or “medi-sets” – are plastic boxes with dosage days and times easily visible on them. Large color-coordinated posters can also serve to show medication times clearly. […]

Health IT Success: Multimedia Intervention & Medication Management for Older Adults

Hi, my name is Kate Lapane and I am a professor of epidemiology at the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. I’m a researcher who focuses on medication issues in older adults, and in particular in underserved populations. We believe that the patient should feel empowered to know that they can talk openly about their medication issues with […]

David Smith, PharmD, Geriatric Pharmacology Part 4: Optimizing Medication Adherence

Hi my name is Dave Smith. And today we’re finishing module four. Talking about keeping grandpa on track. So we already talked about grandpa. He’s trying to handle his own meds because grandma is rehabbing at a skilled nursing facility. And right now, we want to try to identify ways that you can optimize grandpa’s adherence to the […]

Medication Management: A Patient Centered Approach

Well medication management therapy or medication therapy covers four basic areas and those are medication therapy review, the personal medication record, intervention, and referral documentation and follow-up. I was contacted by the office the pharmacist here called and talked to me after I got out of the hospital and talked to me about my medications. The pharmacist can […]

Use of Health IT To Reduce Medication Errors and Improve Patient Safety

(P. Jon White, MD, Moderator) Thank you so much, welcome everybody. My name is Jon White. I direct the Health IT Portfolio with the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, and we’re very pleased to bring you today one in a series of web conferences about the evidence that is supported by AHRQ’s Health IT program. I have […]

The Hidden Costs of Medication Punch Cards

The old punchcard approach is not only difficult and unwieldy, it’s time consuming on the part of the nurses, and insecure. The worst thing about this antiquated method is that it is cost prohibitive and wasteful. Each nurse passes meds slightly differently and organizes the card differently. So it’s very difficult to find things in a cart with […]