How to cure diseases(in hindi) without Medicines! By Kailash Mantry!

from the past 25 years we have been researching diseases which medical science has not been able to cure my name is KAILASH MANTRY . I am a life coach and a mental health consultant. i’ve done such research on more than 50 diseases which come under the category of chronic illness medical science has no full proof […]

Parts of a Stethoscope

Headset – The headset is the combined components of the upper half of the stethoscope which include the ear tubes, tension springs and Earpieces. This allows sound to flow efficiently into the ear canal so that their is minimal disturbance from the stethoscope. Chest piece – The chest-piece or head of the stethoscope is composed of the connected […]

Hourbands- The Solution to Medication Non-Adherence

More than 50% of America is affected by something called Medication Non-Adherence. This is typically people forgetting to take medicine. We have grown so accustom to this that most people just accept forgetting to take their medicine as ‘normal’. But did you know that each year 7 million people are hospitalized and 125,000 people die for mismanaging their […]

Job Roles For Pharmacists – Medicine,Pharmacy,Medical

Hello All..This is Apoorva from welcome to our video channel of Jobs and Careers today i will be talking to you about a Job role of Pharmacists what does a Pharmacists actually do ? well lets check it out Pharmacists are the ones who assist patients with their prescriptions. They are ones who offer pharmacological information to […]

The Greatest Problem Of Men This Is The Best Natural Cure For Prostate In The World!

before you begin I request you to please subscribe to my channel the greatest problem of men this is the best natural cure for a prostate in the world one of the biggest health problems that men have had from the beginning of time in all parts of the world are problems with the prostate they can be […]

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