Hypertension: General Treatment – Family Medicine | Lecturio

And what about secondary hypertension? When do you see that? I think a secondary hypertension, it’s rare. It’s only up to 10% of cases of hypertension. It’s probably less than that. But especially, in a middle-aged adult, when they come in with a very high blood pressure, and particularly a blood pressure that’s not well controlled on initial […]

Miller School of Medicine 2019 White Coat & Pinning Ceremony

[Dr. Henri R. Ford, Dean of the Miller School of Medicine speaking] Dear friends, so we have gathered here today to witness and support what has become one of the most cherished traditions in medical education: The White Coat Ceremony. This is a momentous occasion for the members of the great Class of 2023 because it symbolizes your […]

Insulin Types & Glycemic Excursions: Diabetes Medications – Pharmacology | Lecturio

[Music] let’s take a look at the profiles of the different types of insulins that are on the market today so the rapid-acting insulins sometimes called the ultra rata rapid-acting insulins are usually given at mealtime there’s three different major groups of rapid-acting insulin there’s the aspart insulin that peaks at 10 to 20 minutes there’s Liz pro […]

Lifestyle Medicine Is the Standard of Care for Prediabetes

“Lifestyle Medicine Is the Standard of Care for Prediabetes” For people with prediabetes, lifestyle modification is now considered the cornerstone of diabetes prevention. Diet-wise that means individuals with prediabetes or diabetes diabetes should aim to reduce their intake of excess calories, saturated fat, and trans fat. Too many of us consume a diet with too many of these […]

Match Day 2019 at U of R School of Medicine and Dentistry

So, match day is pretty much the culmination of four-plus years of medical school, where medical students learn where they’re going to be training for residency. Where we’re going to be spending the next three to seven years, in my case. You figure out what specialty you want to go in to and then you pick the schools […]

Abdominal Pain: The Saint-Chopra Guide to Inpatient Medicine, 4th Edition

– Hello, my name is Dr. Vineet Chopra and I’m here today to talk to you about abdominal pain. This is coming from the Saint-Chopra Guide to Inpatient Medicine that I wrote with my colleague and research mentor Dr. Sanjay Saint. This is the Fourth Edition and this video is a brief overview of one of the chapters […]

Exponential Medicine Overview: Catalyzing the Future of Healthcare.

There’s really no conference like Exponential Medicine. Buona Sera, Buona Sera. Why do we come here each year? I believe is for the reaffirmation that we are alive during a time where we can do anything. It’s almost like science fiction coming true. Thank you for all of you for coming. This is gonna be an incredible four […]

University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine: Unrivaled History. Unlimited Future.

50 years of learning of growing of evolving 50 years of game-changing research passion fueled faculty and industry leading practices in 1969 Governor Paul Laxalt signed historic legislation to establish Nevada’s first medical school back then we were known as educators of Medicine creating a foundation of caring and a tradition of excellence we still stand for that […]

Class of 2022 White Coat Ceremony Highlights | Weill Cornell Medicine

Today is a very exciting day you’re receiving your white coats and joining a rich tradition of excellence at Weill Cornell Medicine that stretches back 120 years welcome to our culture and welcome to our family my name is Davina Sharma I’m from Kennesaw Georgia and I went to undergrad at the University of Georgia I’m feeling amazing […]

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