11 Weird Websites That Will Cure Your Boredom!

This is not even–This is not good. This is frustrating me because Oh, there we go, now it’s a tie. Draw! Ok I’m gettin’ SHOOK (Bryan): Shook-nasty. (Matt): And h– (Record scratch) What? (Bryan): What? What did you just say? Shook-nasty? [The Embodiment of the 80s] Hello, and welcome to episode two of W-W-W-Weird *zooms in* weird, weird, […]

Plague Inc: The Cure

[Music plays] – I’ve always loved being alive. When my doctor told me I had a vague, common bacterial infection with no symptoms whatsoever, I wasn’t all that worried. But one day, I woke up with more symptoms than I could count. And suddenly, living seemed a lot harder. – Has this situation happened to you? If you’ve […]

How Pokemon Medicine Would Have Been HORRIFYING In the 1800s

– Good morrow, madam! That’s England talk for “hi”. I understand this is an infirmary specifically for bodybuilders. Can someone here treat my dear creature who has been injured in battle? – Fret not, young chocobo. I’m surgeon Chuff, licensed phrenologist. And this is my assistant, Chauncey! Let’s have a quick gandering, creature. *gasp!* *pukes profusely* Wow, these […]