2020 Symposium – Veterinary Laser Medicine Session

I very much enjoy seeing the American Laser Study Club emerge as a driving force for education both on the human side, in the dental side, for aesthetics, and for veterinary medicine. I learn a lot and I think is a very important to exchange the experience to see how other veterinarians or how other surgeons are performing […]

Laser Skincare Treatment in Korea: Acne Scars, Freckles, & Facial Hair Removal

Joh-eun-achim, everyone I talked about this before in my previous video but I’m here to get a laser treatment today angel unni recommended banobagi so I just took off my coat and it’s time to remove the freckles and some moles that are on my face Alright, I’m here with Dr. Vaughn and he’s going to be in […]

Laser Skin Tightening Treatment Demo Face 18 Hana Giraldo – A E Skin – Encino, CA – 818-835-1833

Do you have fine lines, wrinkles, or loose skin? These are some of the most common signs of aging. Laser skin tightening is an easy and non-invasive way to tighten your skin without surgery, recovery time, or anesthesia. It’s also a great way to prevent these signs of aging. The treatment uses gentle micro-pulses of infrared light to […]

I Got Rid Of My Acne Scars With Laser Treatment

– Tomorrow I’m getting my acne scars lasered off and I’m really nervous. (upbeat music) I developed acne around puberty, like 13 or 14. All of these dots here are fairly smoothed, none of them are raised. I’m tired of taking pictures and having that be all I see. I’ve tried topicals, meds, dermarolling, peels, facials, vitamin C […]

Is there a treatment for eye floaters?

Most floaters are a nuisance, something that people notice and can easily ignore or get used to, and that’s usually because they’re not affecting people’s vision, either significantly or at significant times. Many people who do have bothersome floaters have them all of the time and are essentially looking through a central haze, or such that they can’t […]