how to cure DYSLEXIA (IN HINDI) by Kailash Mantry

murim cak last month RIA my life virtual or mental healthcare consultant on which they purchase a lousy compasses arab-american research career the same Bogata Bogata Katya yes agree ADHD autism stammering epilepsy Parkinson’s I’m a drug addict alcoholic slow learner lack of confidence marriage disproves Adam back telling it district sake the structure governor he said batata […]

Can gargling Saltwater cure Sore Throat? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. Can gargling saltwater cure sore throat? No. It produces soooothing music. Oh AumSum. Gargling with saltwater is a common method to treat sore throat. But it is important to note that it doesn’t cure sore throat. It just provides some relief. A sore throat is usually caused by bacterial or viral infection. This infection activates […]

When You’re TOO OLD To Go Trick Or Treating! (ft. iiSuperwomanii)

[DOORBELL] [LIVELY MUSIC] Ready? Trick or treat! You’re not getting any candy. You know that, right? [RECORD SCRATCH] Wait, what? What are you? Like, 24? 22. Yeah, I’m twenty– [CLEARS THROAT] nine. Go away. What’s her problem? Who knows? She probably gives out gross candy, anyways– or even worse– fruit. [SHUDDERS] That monster. Whatever. Let’s go to the […]

Children’s Hospital Colorado | Incredibly Different Care

– Oh, he looks like a mini you. (squealing) – I’m not a mini you, I’m different. – Kids are way different than adults. – Our hearts beat faster. – My blood vessels are smaller. – So we use smaller needles. – And we’re more sensitive to radiation. – Kids bones have growth plates. (shattering) And they heal […]

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