2017 Research Highlights from Johns Hopkins Medicine

Let’s look back at ten scientific discoveries this year at Johns Hopkins. In research heralded as a successful example of personalized medicine, people with cancer who have flaws in certain genes that help repair DNA responded to a new drug that targets the immune system. This finding led the FDA to expand use of the drug to these […]

Medicine for the Greater Good | Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center

A program for medical residents at John Hopkins Bayview Medical Center is bringing the doctor to the patient, working to bridge the gap between a hospital and the community.>>And actually, it wasn’t until I went out into the community, talked to a few community centers, talked to a few churches. That I’ve recognized this huge disconnect between what […]

Spastic Cerebral Palsy Surgical and Rehabilitation Treatment | Journee’s Story

(gentle piano music)>>I had a bit of a hard pregnancy and a challenging birth. And when Journee was born doctors told me that, given the injury that she had sustained, that there was a strong likelihood that she wasn’t going to be able to see, talk or walk. That was a really hard pill to swallow as a […]

125 Years of Innovation | Johns Hopkins School of Medicine

>>Announcer: Few institutions can claim to have been there at the birth of modern medicine. And while Johns Hopkins’ impact reverberberates around the world, its genesis began with a stroke of a pen in 1873, when a gentle Quaker man put his vision into a letter that would inspire and heal generations to come.>>Johns Hopkins: In all your […]

Huntington’s Disease | Generations of Care and Search for a Cure

(melodious instrumental music)>>Woman: Here at Johns Hopkins Medicine…>>Woman: Known for groundbreaking research, teaching and medical care.>>Welcome to Facebook Live from Johns Hopkins Medicine. I’m Elizabeth Tracey.>>And I’m Jee Bang and I’m the Clinical Director of the Johns Hopkins Huntington’s Disease Center of Excellence.>>Thank you so much for joining me today.>>Thank you for having me.>>Huntington’s disease, that sounds like […]

Johns Hopkins Medicine International: 1998–2018

(upbeat music)>>Narrator: 20 years ago, Johns Hopkins Medicine established a global ambassador, Johns Hopkins Medicine International, to take its mission worldwide, to improve the health of the community and the world, by setting the standard of excellence in medical education, research, and clinical care.>>After working in the same organization, after a couple years, you started to look everything […]

More Than Medicine | LeeAnn Goodson, NICU Nurse, Johns Hopkins Children’s Center

I read somewhere something about hope is the whisper that says I’ll try again tomorrow. And that’s what you have to do when your child’s fighting for their life in the NICU. [MUSIC]>>I’m LeeAnn, I’m a NICU nurse at Johns Hopkins. In 2009, my daughter Gabriela was born with congenital heart disease and she was transferred to Johns […]

At the Heart of Precision Medicine

>>Speaker: So cardio, part–>>My colleagues and I have put on a patient and family event. A full day of talks about all the latest research and learn more about this rare cardiomyopathy.>>Narrator: Patients and researchers from all over the world joined together to advance our understanding of ARVC or ARVD. And the methods to create individualized treatment known […]

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