‘I Would Love To Be Off The Pain Medicine And Not Have To Worry About It,’ Says Mom Of Opioid Use

Helen has joined us and she has gone from healthy to, in my opinion, barely hanging on. I wanna introduce someone now that is very important to this conversation. This is Dr. Gerald Sacks. Dr. Sacks is the Director of Pain Management at the Pain Institute of Santa Monica. He completed a fellowship in pain management at Harvard […]

Managing Medication

Hello my name’s Mary, I’m here to talk to John about medications today John, I’ve just come to talk about how important it is to take medications as prescribed by the doctor sometimes that can be a little bit difficult because there’s lots of different medications I’ve an example here of a Webster pack that can be made […]

Eating Disorders: Why is it so Hard to Treat Them? | Ilona Kajokiene | TEDxVilnius

Translator: Galina Mitricheva Reviewer: Denise RQ Most of us like food and enjoy eating as a very pleasurable experience. But sometimes, this relationship with the food becomes an anxiety-provoking one. I would like to go deeper. And I will start from my personal memories. It happened in 1994, my very first day working as a psychologist. I, as […]

‘I Believe Without Pain Medication, I Wouldn’t Be Here Anymore,’ Claims 52-Year-Old

I believe without pain medication, I wouldn’t be here anymore. I can’t go without pain medicine… You can. Until I have the surgery. No, I can’t. I have a necrotic ulcer. I can’t eat, I can’t walk very good. I’m weak all the time. I have a chronic illness and, it’s killing me. We need to get you […]

What medicine can learn from art | Lucie Wilk | TEDxAylesbury

Translator: Linda Anderson Reviewer: Denise RQ Can imagination and art bring us closer to truth than science? Well, I studied medicine, so I was raised on a diet of empiricism, rationalism, and reason, the bedrocks of knowledge, or so I thought. Until I strayed from science a bit, and had a little fling with writing fiction. And that […]

What People Who Take Mental Health Medication Want You To Know

– Yeah, I’ve taken medication for ADHD. Say something. (laughter) (inspirational music) – Yeah, talking about medication for anxiety or depression, there’s definitely a stigma. – I take medicine for my ADHD. – I was panicky and sad at the same time. – I can feel so weird even at my own doctor’s office. I’m like, “Yeah, I’m […]

Urgent care clinics over-prescribe antibiotics

Urgent care clinics are prescribing too many antibiotics for illnesses that don’t need them, according to a new study. Researchers aimed to get a better look at antibiotic overuse, specifically in the urgent care setting, and found that the antibiotic prescription rates there are higher than in a traditional doctor’s office. More than 45 percent of patients who […]

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