HOME REMEDY TO CURE LOW BLOOD PRESSURE II निम्न रक्त चाप का घरेलू उपचार II

Welcome to healthcare at home. Due to low blood pressure many people get dizziness. If you know any person who has low blood pressure and get unconscious due to low blood pressure. So what you have to do is, try this simple home remedy. Take green goose berry and extract its juice. Take two teaspoon goose berry juice […]

Home Remedies To Cure Stomach Ulcer II पेट के फोड़े के लिए घरेलु उपचार II

Welcome to health care at home One of our viewer Mr. Ahmad Javed He has emailed us & written that he is having problem of stomach ulcer & for that is asking home remedies. See, Mr. Ahmad first of all let us know that what is this Stomach ulcer. It is also called Peptic ulcer & Gastric Ulcer. […]

How to download K7 anti-virus for free:Easy

Welcome By Adarsh TS 1.Open Crome Official site of K7 (Link in Description) Scroll down K7 anti-virus premium 1 user 1 year Trial Download Double click on the setup after the instalation Wait a sec… Click on “Agree And Install” Wait for the completion of instalation… Clcik on “Activate” Go to “Next” Enter the “Name, email ID, …. […]

HOME REMEDY TO CURE CATARACT II घरेलू उपचार से मोतियाबिंद का रख रखाव II

Welcome to health care at home Today we will talk about Cataract Cataract is found in almost every person as the age increases So is it possible to cure cataract by home remedy? We found lots of mail asking this question Yes it is absolutely possible to cure cataract by home remedy You can avoid cataract operation Cataract […]

How to Give Your Child Liquid Medicines / Comment donner des médicaments liquides à votre enfant

Giving medicine to children, especially to babies, can be tricky. Here are some tips to make things easier. Babies are more likely to take their medicine when they’re hungry, so give it to them before you feed them. They’re also less likely to spit it up that way. Now, let’s go over how to prepare the medicine. First, […]