Prescription Drug Abuse Public Service Announcement – Miami

The death toll from prescription painkillers has tripled in the past decade. And the problem is getting worse. Over 16,000 people die every year from prescription painkiller overdoses—that’s more than the number of overdoses from heroin, cocaine, or any other illegal drug. My name is Wifredo Ferrer and I am the United States Attorney for the Southern District […]

The Science of Opioid Addiction and Treatment

Anytime someone hears the term “motivation,” they should really supplant that with dopamine. Because without dopamine, you don’t have motivation. All drugs of abuse cause this unnatural rise of dopamine. And because of that, they’re among the most powerful experiences our brains can have. Individuals struggling with addiction are actually battling millions of years of evolution because our […]

Prevent an Overdose, Save a Life (Naloxone by Intra-Muscular Injection)

Naloxone saved my life. Because I’ve OD’d years ago and I thought my stomach was pumped out, but now I know today that it was naloxone that I was given. Narcan saves lives, it’s not just a little cliche, it’s a fact. Not only my life but I’ve seen it save the lives of others. Naloxone is also […]

The Biggest Drug Kingpin & Gangster ever: Frank Matthews -the Real American Gangster

Frank had more money than the MOB Matthews was the number 1 He would have ruled the United States He’s literally fallen off the face of the earth A lot of people looked up to Frank, for probably all the wrong reasons. In my opinion, Frank Matthews was a much larger drug-dealer than Frank Lucas. In 1971, Frank […]

The Rise of Fentanyl: Drug Addiction On The I-95 – Two Years On

# Oh, say can you see…? # Get him on the ground. HE GROANS Get him on the ground. Sir! It is the number one public health challenge of our time. Sir! Pulse. MAN CONTINUES TO GROAN It’s not a poor people thing any more, it’s not a inner-city ghetto drug any more, it’s everywhere. It’s hard to […]

How to Sell Drugs

RYAN: How are you? RYAN: [INAUDIBLE] MAN: Yeah. RYAN: So we first met Nims a few months ago. And after earning his trust for a little while, he agreed to let us hang out with him. But for really obvious reasons, a lot of the names and places that you see in this piece are going to be […]