Healing a Fracture with a Fracture | Penn Medicine

(slow inspiring music) – Heather’s case is actually fairly typical of what we see in our Limb Salvage and Extremity Reconstruction Center. Young, active individual, unanticipated injury. Roller derby for Heather was a passion, and she broke her tibia. She went to a local hospital, and she had a rod placed, and from a technical perspective, everything looked […]

r/entitledparents | “I DEMAND You Stop Taking Your Medication!”

Em threatened to call the police on me for „faking a disease“ At the time this happened I was 14 (am 16 now) Important: I have a bone condition (hip dysplasia, thigh bones slightly shifted) which causes me to walk with my feet turned slightly inwards. I always try to walk normally, but when I’m tired or exhausted, […]

Why Hawkeye’s Wife In The Avengers Looks So Familiar

With the exception of Infinity War, Clint Barton a.k.a. Hawkeye has been a mainstay of the Avengers gatherings, and the introduction of his wife Laura in Age of Ultron proved that Earth’s mightiest heroes could have a home life as well. If the kind, supportive Mrs. Barton looks familiar, it’s probably because you’ve almost definitely seen Linda Cardellini […]

Roman Reigns shares his connection with Connor’s Cure Kid Superstar Kelsey

[MUSIC] I was just scared, to be honest. Just really nervous about the public perception.>>My real name is Joe and I’ve been living with leukemia for 11 years. And unfortunately it’s back.>>When you’re on that island you can get a little lonely, everybody surrounded me and just made sure I had a huge security blanket. And sending me […]

Fixing/treating a chicken prolapse vent & removing a bound egg

Alright, here’s my situation. I’ve got this sweet girl she’s a buff orpington hen. She’s about eight months old and she’s been laying eggs for maybe a month or two. This morning I went out to the coop and I found basically her insides hanging outside of her body so I’ve been soaking her in warm water for […]

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