A possible new treatment for alcohol use disorder

Simple moments like these are something Dr. Frank Plummer says he’ll never take for granted. For over the past decade he has fought alcohol use disorder. Similar to some Canadians, he was high-functioning. It started when he was pioneering research in Kenya around the height of the HIV/AIDS crisis. So I was constantly writing then you’re dealing with […]

OBSOLETE NECESSITY: Do we still need the stethoscope?

[HOPEFUL MUSIC PLAYS] I think one of the nice things about the stethoscope is that you really can’t use this tool without getting quite close to the patient, and there’s something quite intimate about putting this on yourself, and then putting it on the patient’s body. It was invented first in 1816 by René Laennec, and it was […]

Why overuse of antibiotics is a massive, ‘staggering’ problem in health care

JUDY WOODRUFF: A new report out from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control highlights that we are still losing the battle against so-called superbugs, bacteria that are resistant to nearly all the antibiotics. As William Brangham tells us, the scope of the problem is bigger than previously estimated. WILLIAM BRANGHAM: The CDC’s new report shows that, while overall […]

HOME REMEDY TO CURE LOW BLOOD PRESSURE II निम्न रक्त चाप का घरेलू उपचार II

Welcome to healthcare at home. Due to low blood pressure many people get dizziness. If you know any person who has low blood pressure and get unconscious due to low blood pressure. So what you have to do is, try this simple home remedy. Take green goose berry and extract its juice. Take two teaspoon goose berry juice […]

Canadian nurse travels to Mexico for treatment

– Well, hello and welcome to our health care discussion series. My name is Colin Craig and today I’m pleased to be joined by Christina Sanford. Christina’s a nurse from Nova Scotia who’s going to share some details about her health care experience. Christina, thanks for joining me today. – You’re welcome, I’m happy to be here. – […]

What’s the state of your antibiotic stewardship program?

Every year antibiotic-resistant bacteria infect two million people, cause twenty-three thousand deaths, and cost the health care system as much as twenty billion dollars. The primary cause of bacterial resistance is antibiotic overuse, and in 2014 the White House issued an executive order directing several federal agencies to act on the problem. “If we start seeing those medicines […]

Energy Medicine Mindvalley Masterclass | Donna Eden

[Vishen] Hi, everyone, and welcome to our masterclass on energy in medicine. I’ve got two extremely special guests with me today. Donna has trained more than 100,000 people. David received an outstanding contribution award from the Association for Comprehensive Energy Psychology. – [Donna] I think of energy as maybe the body’s very best medicine. And we evolved alongside […]

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