Halloween Trick or Treat Steve and Maggie Stories for Kids | Speaking Wow English TV

It’s Steve and Maggie. Wow English TV! Wuah! Trick or treat! Trick or treat! Oh, trick feast! Ha-ha. Let’s play a trick on Steve! He-he. Come in and hide! Yeah! Yeah! Yeah, let’s make this house a haunted house! Ha-ha. Just scare Steve! Yeah! He-he-he. Oh-oh. Hello. I’m taking some spooky Halloween treats back home for the boys […]


The material in this countdown is presented for entertainment and reviewing purposes only. It does not act as a political or social statement, nor does it suggest that I condone the comments made within these commercials as accurate or wholly representative of drug use. This countdown contains sensitive material some viewers may find upsetting or disturbing. Viewer discretion […]

Black Licorice: Trick or Treat

This Halloween, don’t get tricked into eating too much black licorice. This candy contains glycyrrihizin, a sweetening compound, that can cause potassium levels in the body to fall. Some people experience an abnormal heart beat, high blood pressure, swelling, lethargy, or congestive heart failure. Remember: Don’t eat large amounts of black licorice at one time. If you have […]

Trick Or Treat | Give Me Something Good To Eat | Halloween Song

Trick or treat? Trick or treat? Give me something good to eat Apples, peaches, tangerines Happy Happy Halloween Trick or treat? Trick or treat? Give me something sweet to eat Cookies, chocolate, jelly beans Happy Happy Halloween Trick or treat? Trick or treat? Give me something sour to eat Lemons, grapefruits, limes so green Happy Happy Halloween Trick […]

Little Red Car | Trick Or Treat | Spooky Halloween Videos For Toddlers by Kids Channel

“Let’s go from door to door! No one will know it’s us! We’ll get tons of candies in these costumes!” Knock knock trick or treat Be careful look I’m a ghost Knock knock trick or treat I’m hungry look I’m a Ghoul “Hahaha. That scared them! Let’s go to the next house!” Knock knock trick or treat Beware […]

When You’re TOO OLD To Go Trick Or Treating! (ft. iiSuperwomanii)

[DOORBELL] [LIVELY MUSIC] Ready? Trick or treat! You’re not getting any candy. You know that, right? [RECORD SCRATCH] Wait, what? What are you? Like, 24? 22. Yeah, I’m twenty– [CLEARS THROAT] nine. Go away. What’s her problem? Who knows? She probably gives out gross candy, anyways– or even worse– fruit. [SHUDDERS] That monster. Whatever. Let’s go to the […]

Halloween Songs for Kids with Blippi | Trick or Treat Nursery Rhyme

Every 31st of October there is a day where the people all come out onto the streets and like to play. All dressed up in customes in all shapes and every size. It can be a little spooky but no need to close your eyes. Halloween, Halloween, I just love Halloween. Halloween! There are so many things that […]

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