Teaching Global Health | Dr. Gunisha Kaur | Weill Cornell Medicine

My family came to the United States from India about 30 years ago and I didn’t realize until many years later that we had actually come to escape political violence and that we had come as refugees I was outraged that as a survivor I didn’t know about the violence that my family had suffered I felt that […]

PACCARB 11th Public Mtg, Day 1 Pt 4: PANEL 3: Antibiotics, Therapeutics, & Alternatives

>>Lonnie King: So, for our next panel, we’re going to continue to focus on innovation and also antibiotics therapeutics and alternatives. So, we have four panelists, and thank you for being with us. So, we’re going to start the discussion with Discovery of Veterinary Spectrum Specific Agents and the Need for Innovation in Animal Health. We’re very pleased […]

Protecting Patients: Innovating to Combat Antibiotic Resistance

Antimicrobial resistance is one of the major threats throughout the world. If we lose the ability to treat with antibiotics, we’re going to lose most of the gains that we’ve made. People worry about a post-antibiotic era. That era is already here. The good news is the global community is beginning to mobilize on a scale that recognizes […]

Antibiotic Resistance – What it is, how it comes about, and what we can do about it

We tend to think about ourselves as humans, but this is only partly true. We are composed of trillions of human cells, but we are also made up of trillions of bacteria. These bacteria are part of us. They cover our entire skin and guts. Bacteria help us digest the food that we eat and protect us from […]

Why Naturopathic Medicine? – Dr. Sean Hesler

I wanted to be a complete physician and I wanted the breadth of tools and the philosophy of a naturopathic doctor. At the time I was focused on becoming a chiropractor – a mixer chiropractor, and adding acupuncture, adding herbal training, adding nutrition training. And, the more I got excited about all the different types of holisitic therapies, […]