Сова Ёль принимает лекарства. Все пальцы целы

Huh. That’s the way it is? 60 FPS camera doesn’t work well in such low lighting. Too much “noise”. Yeah, Yoll agrees with me. Look, Yoll… Picture gets focused out. And if I’m shooting like this, it’s also not focussed. Video stabilization is on, maybe that’s the reason?.. Listen, owl. You’re still wheezing, but at least you don’t […]

Martin Shkreli on Drug Price Hikes and Playing the World’s Villain

It’s Friday night in Midtown, Manhattan And I’m here to hang out with Martin Shkreli who became famous in October for raising the price of the drug That’s used to treat hiv positive patients by more than [5,000] percent The drug in question is called daraprim it used to cost 1350 per pill turing changed the cost to […]

How to cure diseases(in hindi) without Medicines! By Kailash Mantry!

from the past 25 years we have been researching diseases which medical science has not been able to cure my name is KAILASH MANTRY . I am a life coach and a mental health consultant. i’ve done such research on more than 50 diseases which come under the category of chronic illness medical science has no full proof […]

Cartel Boss Retaliates with Murder (Drug Cartels vs. Mormons Part 3/7)

ERICA HILL: Two more Americans dead as a result of the violence in Mexico. Those victims gunned down this week by drug cartel killers. MALE REPORTER: We’ve done a lot of stories about polygamy and a lot of stories about Mexican drug cartel violence. But we never imagined the two topics would mesh like this in a very […]

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