Feedback with Melissa and Christie – Week 2 – Mar 2019 – Food as Medicine

CHRISTIE BENNETT: Hello, everyone. Welcome to Week 2 of “Food is Medicine.” We’re in our weekly feedback video today. My name’s Christie, and I’m one of the course mentors. And I have with me– MELISSA ADAMSKI: Mel, your other course mentor. You might have seen me pop up in the discussion forums having a chat with some of […]

Feedback with Helen and Melissa – Week 1 – Mar 2018 – Food as Medicine

HELEN TRUBY: Hi. I’m Helen. Welcome to the first week feedback video for Food as Medicine. MELISSA ADAMSKI: And hi. I’m Melissa, your course mentor. HELEN TRUBY: It’s wonderful to have so many thousands of people sign up for Food as Medicine, and this course has been endorsed by the British Dietetic Association and also accredited by the […]