how to cure DYSLEXIA (IN HINDI) by Kailash Mantry

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What People Who Take Mental Health Medication Want You To Know

– Yeah, I’ve taken medication for ADHD. Say something. (laughter) (inspirational music) – Yeah, talking about medication for anxiety or depression, there’s definitely a stigma. – I take medicine for my ADHD. – I was panicky and sad at the same time. – I can feel so weird even at my own doctor’s office. I’m like, “Yeah, I’m […]

Managing Anxiety: Name, Claim and Tame Your Way Through Anxiety Without Medication

In the U.S. alone, over 6.5 million children have an anxiety disorder. This doesn’t happen randomly. 40 million adults also have an anxiety disorder. We pass on more than our DNA… One 13 year-old girl and her mother found their path out of the anxiety tunnel. This is their story. In the hospital, it became clear immediately when […]

The Cure for Depression?

Is there a cure for major depressive disorder? I’ve been combating this cold or allergy for a couple of days now, and it’s gotten me thinking: there are so many remedies for the common cold, but why do people keep getting it? Anti allergy meds, decongestants, antibiotics, vitamins and yet, no effective way to never have a cold […]

Can a Snake Cure Fear?

– I’m Coyote Peterson. Now, did you know that there’s a species of snake out there that feels exactly like rubber? Get ready to me the rubber boa. (intense adventure music) Throughout my adventures filming Breaking Trail, if there are two animal species I’ve encountered in almost every location, it’s snakes and spiders. Not only are these creatures […]