2020 Symposium – Veterinary Laser Medicine Session

I very much enjoy seeing the American Laser Study Club emerge as a driving force for education both on the human side, in the dental side, for aesthetics, and for veterinary medicine. I learn a lot and I think is a very important to exchange the experience to see how other veterinarians or how other surgeons are performing […]

If I still see fleas on my dog, does that mean my flea treatment isn’t working?

If you still see fleas on your dog after starting a monthly flea treatment program, it doesn’t necessarily mean the treatment isn’t working. Your dog can continue to be exposed to the fleas encountered outside, from other dogs and animals untreated pets in or around your home or by flea eggs and larvae still present inside your home. […]

How should I give my dog Trifexis® (spinosad + milbemycin oxime)?

Trifexis delivers three types of parasite protection in a flavored tablet given once a month. You can give it to your dog directly out of your hand or place it in her food bowl. Other dogs prefer that the tablet be placed inside of a treat. However you choose to administer Trifexis, it’s important to ensure your dog […]