What Are The Most Dangerous Drug Cartels In Mexico?

In July 2015, Mexico’s most notorious drug lord, Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, escaped from prison. El Chapo is the boss of the largest drug gang in the Western Hemisphere, the Sinaloa cartel. As Mexico enters its 9th year in the Drug War, with some estimating over 100,000 casualties, we wanted to know, what are Mexico’s biggest, baddest cartels? […]

100 People Tell Us the Drugs They’ve Done | Keep It 100 | Cut

– (Interviewer) What drugs have you done? – Everything, except for heroin, except for crack, and I guess that’s not everything, right? (ukulele music) – (Interviewer) What drugs have you done? Shit! – (Interviewer) What drugs have you done? – I’m sorry? – Drugs? – What’s considered a drug? – Prescribed? – (Interviewer) Illegal. – You want a […]

Being A Mother Inside Britain’s Legal Red Light District | Sex, Drugs & Murder – Episode 7

SIREN WAILS I’ve got some bobbles. They’re pretty, all different, look, pink to make the boys wink. So I don’t have to use condoms any more as hair bobbles. I’ve opened the condom, like, ripped the elastic bit off end, and used that. Improvisation, yeah. They’ve all put their own lives on hold to raise my children. They’ve […]

What Actors Actually Use When Taking Drugs In Movies

Try to act surprised: Al Pacino didn’t really snort cocaine in Scarface. Just as shootouts in movies are all staged, the countless drugs consumed on-screen over the years aren’t real. Prop masters have come up with all kinds of crazy concoctions to make cinematic contraband look as close as possible to the real thing. We’re about to narc […]

Mexico’s Drug War

O’Neil: Mexico’s transformed over the last three decades, mostly in good ways. It’s moved from a closed authoritarian system to a vibrant, if at times messy democracy. It’s moved from a closed economy to one of the most open in the world and one that’s increasingly competitive globally. It’s also seen the rise of a middle class, and […]

Martin Shkreli on Drug Price Hikes and Playing the World’s Villain

It’s Friday night in Midtown, Manhattan And I’m here to hang out with Martin Shkreli who became famous in October for raising the price of the drug That’s used to treat hiv positive patients by more than [5,000] percent The drug in question is called daraprim it used to cost 1350 per pill turing changed the cost to […]

Clinicians Information – Turning Point Addiction Medicine Unit

– The referral process from a GP’s point of view, firstly involves writing a letter, which is usually addressed to the Carrington Road Turning Point Eastern Treatment Services and the patient will then be contacted to be offered an appointment to be assessed. The GP can also be expected to be contacted by a clinician just to clarify […]

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