Littmann Classic III Raspberry Rainbow Stethoscope Review

– In this video I’m gonna be doing a detailed review of the Littmann Classic III. (upbeat music) Hey, what’s up guys, Nurse Jenny here from Nurse Jenny Reviews where I give you my honest opinion so that you can make an informed choice. If you’ve seen one of my videos before welcome back and if you’re new […]

Class of 2023 White Coat Ceremony Highlights | Weill Cornell Medicine

– I’m most honored to welcome all of you to Weill Cornell Medicine and to share this very special occasion. When you put on your white coats for the first time today, you’ll be joining a very noble profession. Congratulations and best of luck as you embark on this new phase of your lives. (audience applauding) – My […]

Dr. Carly Ernst – Internal Medicine, Obesity Medicine – Profile

Obesity is related to so many different medical conditions that if we kind of focus on that, we can sometimes get people off medications for other chronic conditions, which is really great and so we know obesity is the disease that is really complicated, there’s a lot of different hormones involved that sort of thing and so if […]

how to cure DYSLEXIA (IN HINDI) by Kailash Mantry

murim cak last month RIA my life virtual or mental healthcare consultant on which they purchase a lousy compasses arab-american research career the same Bogata Bogata Katya yes agree ADHD autism stammering epilepsy Parkinson’s I’m a drug addict alcoholic slow learner lack of confidence marriage disproves Adam back telling it district sake the structure governor he said batata […]

Antibiotics Dont Be a Jerk by MacKen Films Pty Ltd

>>RECEPTIONIST: Thank you. OK you can go through now. [Music]>>DOCTOR: Just looks like the common cold. Take plenty of liquids and stay cosy OK. You can watch some cartoons but not too many. She’ll by sniffly for a few days but it’s going around>>MOTHER: What about some antibiotics Doctor?>>DOCTOR: Antibiotics don’t work on the common cold, it won’t […]

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