#AskDrBob: Vaping, Multiple Sclerosis, Blepharitis

– Hello everybody. This is Dr. Bob DeMaria from Westlake, Ohio and Naples, Florida. Tremendous questions, I’ll get right down to it. Q: “Do you have any suggestions or recommendations on this; effective, safe treatment of blepharitis.” A: Which is inflammation going along with the eye. So, very interesting. We’ve had patients in the past that have had […]

Why To Take Your Medication: Learn from a Physician

We often talk about diabetes as a lifestyle disease and when most people say that they think of food and physical activity but actually the most important lifestyle component of diabetes is taking medications that have already been prescribed. Before people have diabetes when they have pre-diabetes we have found that improving their fitness, changing their diet can […]

Keeping Kidneys Safe – Know How Medicines Affect the Kidneys

If you have diabetes or kidney disease, it’s important to be careful about the medicines you take. Some medicines may harm your kidneys, especially if you take them when you are sick with the flu or diarrhea. To understand why, it helps to know how the kidneys work. You have two kidneys. Your kidneys act as filters. They […]

The Cure For Diabetes in 11 Days With DD Diet !

How To Cure Diabetes Permanently How To Cure Diabetes Permanently How To Cure Diabetes Permanentlyreturned to healthy levels But even their doctors. They couldn’t say why if dr. Taylor could solve this mystery then the 29 million Americans with diabetes would be able to throw away their medication and insulin injections Costing big pharma over 245 billion dollars […]

Antibiotics, Gut Microbes and Diabetes

I’m Shelby Cullinan with today’s health news. Parents who push for antibiotics when their children are sick might want to think again. A new study from Greece found that when young children are repeatedly given antibiotics, it can affect the bacteria in their gut. The medications disrupt the gut’s ecosystem. The research team noted giving children antibiotics may […]

Women and Sex Differences in Medicine: Precision Health for Women

I want to welcome you to the seventh annual Women’s Health Forum which the wisdom Center runs and wisdom as you just heard was created by the dean’s …office through a strategic planning process with a vision statement of healthy women and men from conception through the life course and a mission of advancing human health across the […]

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