How to cure diseases(in hindi) without Medicines! By Kailash Mantry!

from the past 25 years we have been researching diseases which medical science has not been able to cure my name is KAILASH MANTRY . I am a life coach and a mental health consultant. i’ve done such research on more than 50 diseases which come under the category of chronic illness medical science has no full proof […]

“How To Get Rid Of Frozen Shoulder” – Fast Frozen Shoulder Cure. Easy Energy Therapy – Try It Now.

This Quick 10 Minute Video Shows You How To Easily Heal Your Frozen Shoulder, Naturally… So Why Would Even Your Best Friend Keep It A Secret? Welcome, friend… Nigel Normanton here, from Yorkshire, England… Millions of people have already stopped their suffering with this unique new energy therapy… Now in this short video, you can try it for […]

A cure for HIV is possible – but is it a realistic solution? | Need to Know | Xtra

You know, it’s always good that one person is cured, if that’s the right word. I think that in no way translates to community impact. We need to sometimes funnel a lot of money into one particularly good experiment, if you want, but, I mean, you and I know – we can do simple math to know that […]

Could We Cure HIV with Lasers? | Patience Mthunzi | TED Talks

What do you do when you have a headache? You swallow an aspirin. But for this pill to get to your head, where the pain is, it goes through your stomach, intestines and various other organs first. Swallowing pills is the most effective and painless way of delivering any medication in the body. The downside, though, is that […]

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