Can we cure genetic diseases by rewriting DNA? | David R. Liu

The most important gift your mother and father ever gave you was the two sets of three billion letters of DNA that make up your genome. But like anything with three billion components, that gift is fragile. Sunlight, smoking, unhealthy eating, even spontaneous mistakes made by your cells, all cause changes to your genome. The most common kind […]

The New CRISPR Tool That Could ‘Delete’ Disease From Our DNA

You’ve probably heard of CRISPR technologies and their much-discussed ability to edit our DNA. For the most part, these stories probably refer to CRISPR-Cas9. But a new system, CRISPR-Cas3, has just been used in human cells for the very first time…and offers a whole new set of tools that could have huge implications for curing previously incurable viruses. […]

Genetically Engineering Your DNA to Cure Disease | Retro Report

This is a milestone that could one day erase hereditary conditions.Just like you can change a single letter in a word document,now we can change single letters in the DNA.It’s called CRISPR.Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats.The new gene editing platform CRISPR is generating a lot of excitement.CRISPR…But this isn’t the first time scientists have tried to fix […]

Gene Editing Tool “CRISPR Cas9” paves way for Sickle Cell Cure | QPT

A team of physicians and laboratory scientists has taken a key step toward a cure for sickle cell disease, using CRISPR-Cas9 gene editing to fix the mutated gene responsible for the disease in stem cells from the blood of affected patients. For the first time, they have corrected the mutation in a proportion of stem cells that is […]

The Future of Medicine

We know there are about thirty thousand diseases known to human beings and of those about three-quarters have no treatment whatsoever. You have an ageing population worldwide, there are a lot more chronic disorders coming through and these patients need new treatments which are offered on a continuous basis. We see a very big change in therapeutics coming […]