Andamooka Matrix Opal Treatment : The Basics

I thought that I should make a video on Matrix [opal] specifically Australian Andamooka Matrix opal [this] can this material can be treated and Sometimes when you’re lucky, you’ll get results like this, so trying to keep this short let’s Let’s get into it. [I] started on this particular piece with this Which is now about [7] ounces, […]

Treatment of Varicose Veins by Acupressure and Seed Therapy

Hello friends welcome back to Divine Care.Today we will be talking about varicose vein.First let us understand what it is.If flow of blood from our legs back to the heart is obstructed due to any reason,it starts clotting in the particular area and the veins start swallowing up.You might have noticed that sometimes we can see prominent web […]