How to Sell Drugs

RYAN: How are you? RYAN: [INAUDIBLE] MAN: Yeah. RYAN: So we first met Nims a few months ago. And after earning his trust for a little while, he agreed to let us hang out with him. But for really obvious reasons, a lot of the names and places that you see in this piece are going to be […]

2016 Research Highlights from Johns Hopkins Medicine

At Johns Hopkins Medicine, scientific discovery is the engine that drives patient care and cures. Here are five new science highlights from 2016. These tiny lab grown brain structures could help us defeat the Zika virus. Researchers grew the sophisticated mini-brains out of human stem cells so that they could study Zika’s effect on a developing brain. By […]

Why Do We Snort Things?

Say hello to my little FREND. IT’S… it’s The NOSE. And you know what? It doesn’t want any of those things that you’re trying to sniff up there. Stop it. Insufflation or the act of inhaling something through the nose is an ancient practice; Google’s NGram viewer finds references to insufflation all the way back to the late-1600s […]