Induction 2019 – UC Davis School of Medicine

[MARIACHI MUSIC] Ladies and gentlemen, the induction ceremony for the class a 2023 is assembled! [APPLAUSE] You’re all destined for greatness and I’m so certain that you’ll have a lasting impact on each other, on a UC Davis community and all of the patients that you’re gonna serve. – Induction is a moment when they finally can breathe, […]

Alternative Treatment to Medication for Children who Experience Seizures

Seizures Testimonial Audio Both your name and what you do? And what your husband does? And whatever else in the whole story. My name is Paula McTaggert. My husband is Bill. I’m a registered nurse and my husband is a paramedic. He has over 25 years in the field and we have a son, David, our youngest child. […]

Bringing Stem Cell Cures to the Clinic: UC Davis GMP Facility

and it’s University of california-davis we are building a good manufacturing practice facility in our new Institute for regenerative cures this is a clean room facility where we can manufacture stem-cell products for return to patients only a few days ago actually one of our patients that we had gotten to know died from Huntington’s disease a very […]