Hypertension symptoms and categories | Health & Medicine | Khan Academy

All right. Let’s talk about hypertension. And the first thing we have to do is understand the two main categories, or types, of hypertension that are out there. So there are two types, primary– and this is actually also called essential hypertension. You might hear that word, essential. And secondary. And I’ll write that as a two. And […]

Calculate your own body mass index | Miscellaneous | Heatlh & Medicine | Khan Academy

So let’s talk about body mass index, BMI. This is a term that’s often discussed, and so let’s first figure out how it’s calculated. How do we figure this out? So if you have a little stick person, what you could do is have them step on a scale. And you get their weight. So the first thing […]

Food as medicine | Carolina Werling | TEDxGöteborgSalon

Translator: Tanya Cushman Reviewer: Maricene Crus We are going to kick off this evening by introducing our first speaker. Carolina Werling is a trained nurse and nutritional therapist from Göteborg. She is passionate about how we can use food as medicine. She joins us here at TEDxGöteborg to talk about how you can take control of your body. […]

What is hypertension? | Circulatory system diseases | Health & Medicine | Khan Academy

Let’s talk about hypertension. And I’ll write that here, hypertension. And hypertension basically means high blood pressure. And we actually categorize it in different groups. So let’s use my blood pressure, 115 over 75 as an example. And I had drawn a small figure for you where I had blood pressure on this side and I had time […]

Eating Disorders: Why is it so Hard to Treat Them? | Ilona Kajokiene | TEDxVilnius

Translator: Galina Mitricheva Reviewer: Denise RQ Most of us like food and enjoy eating as a very pleasurable experience. But sometimes, this relationship with the food becomes an anxiety-provoking one. I would like to go deeper. And I will start from my personal memories. It happened in 1994, my very first day working as a psychologist. I, as […]

Paramedic 2.02 – Anatomy and Physiology: Planes and Sections of the Body

In this module, we will define various anatomical planes and sections of the body. Once completed with this module, you should be able to identify the planes and sections of the body and define directional and positional terms used in anatomical landmarking. When defining anatomical structures in the body, it can be helpful to utilize anatomical landmarks or […]

Healing illness with the subconscious mind | Danna Pycher | TEDxPineCrestSchool

Translator: Queenie Lee Reviewer: Peter van de Ven What if I told you, you might not be who you think you are? What if I told you that your very perception or idea of who you are has been weaved into your mind over time? What if you don’t agree with what your mind has to tell you? […]

Toujeo a Prescription Medication Used to Treat Type 1 and type 2 Diabetes – Overview

Toujeo is a prescription medication used to treat type 1 and type 2 diabetes. Toujeo, a long-acting form of insulin, works by replacing the insulin that is normally produced by the body and by helping the body to use sugar for energy. It also stops the liver from producing more sugar. This medication comes in an injectable prefilled […]

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