Postpartum hemorrhage – causes, symptoms, treatment, pathology

Postpartum hemorrhage is a significant loss of blood after giving birth, and it’s the number one reason for maternal morbidity and maternal death around the world. Specifically it’s defined as losing more than 500ml of blood after a vaginal delivery or more than 1000ml after a cesarean section delivery. Of course, deliveries can be messy and it’s impossible […]

How to Cure Hemorrhoids : How to Make a Sitz Bath to Cure Hemorrhoids

Hello, my name is Dr. Susan Jewell and on behalf of expert village I’m going to talk to you today about hemorrhoids. Now in this clip I’m going to show you one of the ways that is most commonly recommended to alleviate some of the pain of hemorrhoids and that’s called a sitz bath. Now, what I have […]

Permanent Cure of Ulcerative Colitis | Inflammatory Bowel Disease – Real Testimonial

Mr. Prakash, Greetings! We welcome you to Planet Ayurveda. Please tell us a little about yourself. Greetings! I am Prakash Mehnani. I belong to Kenya, South Africa. What kind of disease are you getting treated for from Planet Ayurveda? I’m suffering from a disease called Ulcerative colitis and I’m taking medicines for the same. Can you tell us […]