Why overuse of antibiotics is a massive, ‘staggering’ problem in health care

JUDY WOODRUFF: A new report out from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control highlights that we are still losing the battle against so-called superbugs, bacteria that are resistant to nearly all the antibiotics. As William Brangham tells us, the scope of the problem is bigger than previously estimated. WILLIAM BRANGHAM: The CDC’s new report shows that, while overall […]

Antibiotics Worked Miracles For Decades – Then Things Went Terribly Wrong – Doctor Explains

superbug apocalypse and antibiotic resistance those are big scary words but how bad is it really well according to the World Health Organization, W.H.O., antibiotic resistance is one of the greatest threats that we have to global health every 15 minutes someone dies in the United States because of a super bug that we basically created that’s thirty […]

Bonnie Bassler (Princeton) Part 2: Vibrio Cholerae Quorum Sensing and Novel Antibiotics

Hi, my name’s Bonnie Bassler and I’m from Princeton University and I’m also a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator. And for the second part of my talk today what I want to focus in on is how quorum sensing is involved in pathogenesis in a very important pathogen Vibrio cholerae and our efforts to exploit quorum sensing in […]

Béatrice Conde-Petit: Using antibiotics in animals is a real threat

So, the industry is facing different issues around food safety. Just to mention two, so pathogenic bacteria are still issue number one. Today, we also see the emerging threat of antibiotic resistant bacteria. And, we have the huge of threat of micro-toxins, which is becoming worse due to climate change. So, the future risk is that these bacteria […]

CDC Official: We’ve Reached ‘The End Of Antibiotics, Period’

associate director above the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention doctor or June Shrinivas on in an interview for PBS Frontline about antibiotic-resistant bacteria and prepare yourself to be scared shitless he says quote for a long time there have been newspaper stories and covers of magazines that talked about the ended antibiotics question mark well now I […]

Project Protect – Antibiotics Over Time

In 1928 Dr. Fleming Discovered penicillin when his petri dish covered with bacteria began to die. Approximately 10 years later Dr. Florey and Dr. Chain Further investigated this subject by looking into Dr. Fleming’s cases. This case was further studied by using mice as test subjects where 50 percent of them received penicillin and the other 50 percent […]

Antibiotic Resistance – What it is, how it comes about, and what we can do about it

We tend to think about ourselves as humans, but this is only partly true. We are composed of trillions of human cells, but we are also made up of trillions of bacteria. These bacteria are part of us. They cover our entire skin and guts. Bacteria help us digest the food that we eat and protect us from […]

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