How to Stop a Child with Autism from Hitting | Autism ABA Strategies

When people find out I’m a behavior analyst and work with children with autism the most common question I get is how do I stop my child from problem behaviors? Such as hitting? So how do I stop my child from hitting? Or biting? Or yelling? How do I stop my child from doing something? Today, I’m going […]

Coconut Oil Cure Alzheimer And More | Huile de Coco Un Remède Contre l’Alzheimer Et Plus

Steve Newport’s Alzheimer’s disease has slowed considerably. Some of his symptoms even reversed, thanks to an unlikely treatment prescribed by his wife, Dr. Mary Newport, a physician who runs a neonatology ward at a Tampa, Florida hospital. She became determined to help her husband after he failed the so-called Alzheimer’s clock test. He drew a few little circles […]

Biomedical Treatment For Autism Success Stories For Parents

Hi, my name is Larry Cook and I’ve done a little research into the entire autism situation. I want to give parents some hope that if you have a child who’s been diagnosed with autism, there is opportunity for that child to improve or evenly fully recover if you do biomedical treatment, biomedical intervention, and perhaps some other […]


My name is CA Kailash Mantry. I am a life coach & mental health consultant. From last 25 years, we have research on more than 50 diseases that we cured without any medicines like add, autism, epilepsy, migraine, arthritis, Parkinson, Alzheimer, schizophrenia, Drug addict, Alcoholic, Depression, Insomnia, Slow learner, dyslexia, etc. all these diseases are cure without any […]

Medication & Dietary Supplements for Autism – Should You Use Them?

When kids with autism have problem behaviors, inattention, or sleep issues, many medical and educational professionals and relatives and friends recommend medication. Today, we’re talking all about medication and I’ll discuss supplements too. Hi, I’m Dr. Mary Barbera, autism mom, board certified behavior analyst, registered nurse, and the best-selling author of the Verbal Behavior Approach. Each week I […]

Autism – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology

Even though everyone develops at slightly different paces Almost everyone hits the same general developmental milestones and learns the same sets of skills at about the same time more or less These are things like language and communication socializing cognitive skills like problem-solving and physical milestones like walking crawling and fine motor skills all of which progresses the […]