Inactive Ingredients in Medication and their Side Effects

What is in your medication? Pills and capsules contain not only the active drug but also a cocktail of other inactive ingredients. These ingredients are not intended to have a therapeutic effect but are an important part of oral medications that are added to aid with drug stability, taste, appearance and tamper resistance. In this research study we […]

Are Medications Safe When Breastfeeding?

– So there are very few medications that are unsafe for breastfeeding. We usually have moms refer to a website called the Infant Risk Center. There are some antipsychotic medications that might not be safe, antiseizure medications but for the most part, most medications are safe. The benefit of taking the medication usually outweighs the risk of breastfeeding […]

साइनस का इलाज – Homeopathic Medicine For Sinus | Sinusitis Treatment | Stuffy Nose | Blocked Nose

Hello everyone, I am Dr.Ritu jain I am an homeopathic consultant today am going to share about sinus is a pain which is also called sinusitis or sinus infection meaning of sinus is inflammation of the sinuses what are sinuses sinuses are the small cavities called nasal passages present on the face the nasal passages are those from […]

Antidepressant Medications

Hello and welcome to lecture number 12 in our continuing series on drugs and human behavior. Today we’re going to talk about antidepressant medications. I want to preface this discussion with the caveat that I think it’s really important to carefully evaluate, whether or not these medications are for a patient or for yourself or for a family […]

Seasonal Allergies: Which Medication is Right for You?

When your seasonal allergies are driving you crazy, all you want is relief. Here are the four types of medicine to consider. Antihistamines are drugs that reduce or block the chemicals in our bodies that cause symptoms like itchy eyes and sneezing. Decongestants help relieve your stuffy nose. Nasal corticosteroids can help reduce nasal inflammation. And immunotherapy involves […]

Is It Safe To Eat Genetically Modified Animals?

There’s been a lot of outcry as the FDA just approved a genetically modified animal for human consumption for the first time. Sure, tweak 80 percent of U.S. food, but keep your test tubes off our salmon! organisms GMOs incite heat on both sides. Many believe genetically modified organisms are more efficient than cross-breeding plants for many generations […]

Rivers are contaminated with dangerous levels of antibiotics

Rivers are contaminated with dangerous levels of antibiotics Antibiotics are polluting the worlds waterways, with some rivers containing up to 300 times more of the drugs than deemed safe.  Researchers found dangerous levels of the drugs, including those used to treat skin and urinary tract infections, throughout the worlds waterways.  Almost two thirds 65 per cent of rivers […]

Episode 72: Antibiotics

Hello and welcome to another episode of Squeaky Wheel Productions’ Disability Series. This week’s topic is Antibiotics. What are antibiotics, how should they be used, and why are they important? We’ll find out the answers to each of these questions and more. Let’s get started! Antibiotics are medications that are used to kill or inhibit bacteria. There are […]

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