How to disable windows update notification in avast node32 antivirus 9

Hey, Today I gonna show you how to disable windows update notification in your node32 anti-virus Open your node32 antivirus from system tray Click on F5 from your keyboard Click on Tool In the right side you will see Microsoft windows update Here you will get drop-down menu with some options Choose your desired Option I choose “no […]

NSA, GCHQ spied on two Korean antivirus companies among others: report ″미

It has emerged that U.S. and British intelligence spied on foreign anti-virus software companies,.. including two from Korea,… as they sought to enhance their offensive surveillance techniques. Citing fresh documents leaked by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden more than two years ago, U.S.-based online news site ′The Intercept′ reported Monday that the U.S. National Security Agency and Britain′s GCHQ […]

Si te instalojme nje antivirus pa pages

Përshëndetjeje unë jomë kushtrimi Nga ke kompjuter ne këtë video do t’ju tregojmë si kemi mundësi te instalojmë një Antivirus pa pagës. Ekzistojnë shumë antiviruse qe duhet te paguhen por jo te gjithë janë te nevojshme për kompjuterët shtëpiak, antiviruset te cilët kanë mbrojte me te madhe dhe qe kërkojnë licenca te regjistrimit nevojiten me tepër nëse kemi […]

TOP 10 free best antivirus software 2016-2017

nsoftware apps with a capability to work on any combinational PC Mac iOS or Android devices internet security plus has multiple platforms offering you high and security measures dot there is threat protection password protect Andy phishing and two-way firewall protection for the complete security package the free package doesn’t include parental control or hi and protection we […]

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