Gut bacteria and antibiotics: Michael Fischbach looks for answers

I’m Michael Fischbach. I’m in the Department of Bioengineering and Therapeutic Sciences at UCSF, and I’m the PI on a new grant from the Keck Foundation that’s titled Beyond the Human Microbiome Project: The Gut Microbiome as an Antibiotic Discovery Factory. The purpose of this grant is to try to begin figuring out an interesting conundrum that’s only […]

Why Do Bacteria Develop Antibiotic Resistance?

Despite their beauty, roses always seem to cause innocuous little cuts with their sharp thorns. But let’s flashback to the 1930s. If bacteria managed to get into the bloodstream through that cut, it could have been disastrous since antibiotics had yet to become widely available. Fast-forward to today, and we wouldn’t think twice about a small cut thanks […]

5 Myths About Antibiotics | Consumer Reports

[SNAP] Lauren Friedman, Consumer Reports’ health editor, says overuse of antibiotics is creating a health crisis. Antibiotics have helped cure infections for 75 years, but so much misuse and overuse has helped contribute to the spread of superbugs, which are these infections that are very difficult to treat. We’re even finding some infections that our strongest antibiotics cannot […]

How Superbugs Could Mean The End Of Antibiotics | Let’s Talk | NPR

A woman in Nevada dies from a bacterial infection that was resistant to 26 different antibiotics. A U.K. patient contracts a case of multidrug-resistant gonorrhea never seen before. A typhoid superbug kills hundreds in Pakistan. These stories from recent years — and many others — raise fears about the possibility of a post-antibiotic world. The development of antibiotics […]

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