Why overuse of antibiotics is a massive, ‘staggering’ problem in health care

JUDY WOODRUFF: A new report out from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control highlights that we are still losing the battle against so-called superbugs, bacteria that are resistant to nearly all the antibiotics. As William Brangham tells us, the scope of the problem is bigger than previously estimated. WILLIAM BRANGHAM: The CDC’s new report shows that, while overall […]

A new platform for combinatorial drug discovery to combat antibiotic resistance

Antibiotics were first discovered and deployed more than 75 years ago. But development of new antibiotics largely stalled by the 1980s, and over the past 30 years a disturbing trend has emerged. According to the World Health Organization more than a 1/4 of healthcare associated infections in long term acute settings exhibit some form of antibiotic resistance. This […]

Bonnie Bassler (Princeton) Part 2: Vibrio Cholerae Quorum Sensing and Novel Antibiotics

Hi, my name’s Bonnie Bassler and I’m from Princeton University and I’m also a Howard Hughes Medical Institute investigator. And for the second part of my talk today what I want to focus in on is how quorum sensing is involved in pathogenesis in a very important pathogen Vibrio cholerae and our efforts to exploit quorum sensing in […]

Antibiotic awareness – A nurses role – Hilary Graham-Smith

So nurses are front-line health professionals, so they engage with patients and whanau all the time in a whole range of different settings and around a whole lot of different conditions. So that means they’re really well placed to provide education and support for patients about antibiotics and making sure that they have a good understanding of their […]

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