New Antibiotic May Obliterate Mutant Bacteria

I’m Lindsay Liepman with today’s health news. You could call it the super hero of the antibiotic world. Super microbes found in soil, called teixobactin may be able to fight off bacteria that has become resistant to current antibiotics. The CDC reports over 2 million people are infected with medication-resistant super bugs each year. Teixobactin was tested on […]

Could Antibiotics Be Tied to Arthritis in Kids?

Antibiotics are miracle drugs that have saved millions of lives, but some worry that their overuse could have serious consequences. Now there may be yet another cause for concern. I’m Shelby Cullinan with your latest health news. A new study found that antibiotic use during childhood may be linked to the development of juvenile arthritis.Juvenile arthritis is an […]

Antibiotics Can Cause Candida And Joint Inflammation

Greetings. New Zealand naturopath, Eric Bakker, author of Candida Crusher, formulator of the Canxida range of products. Thanks for tuning in. I’ve got a very interesting case here I just wanted to quickly present to my viewers. It’s a 42-year-old lady from Dubai who wishes to remain nameless. I’ve just had a Skype consultation with. We’ve had a […]


Hello over there! This is an “Antibiotic Awareness Event” and I’d like you to pick a capsule for questions. Are you trying to trick me into believe these are capsules by showing painted Kinder Chocolate eggs? Should I open it? Yes. They are recording now. Oh! Hey professor, are you recording, too? What’s inside? Read one by one. […]

Antibiotics vs Probiotics

Greetings. It’s New Zealand naturopath, Eric Bakker, author of Candida Crusher and formulator of Canxida, the dietary supplements of choice if you’ve got Candida. Thanks for tuning into my video today. Today, I’m going to talk about yeast infections, particularly of the digestive system, antibiotics, and also a bit about probiotics. I’ve had many, many cases over the […]

Antibiotics May Be Enough for Appendicitis

Surgery has long been the ‘gold standard’ in appendicitis treatment. But a new discovery could change that. I’m Gabe Garza with your latest health news. A new study from Nationwide Children’s Hospital found that antibiotics alone may be a safe and effective alternative to surgery for kids with uncomplicated acute appendicitis (UAA). Appendicitis is an inflammation of the […]

Cephalexin belongs to the Cephalosporin Antibiotics Drug Group – Overview

Cephalexin is a prescription medication used to treat bacterial infections. Cephalexin belongs to a group of drugs called cephalosporin antibiotics, which kill the bacteria that lead to infections. This medication comes in tablet, capsule, and oral suspension forms. Cephalexin is taken up to 4 times a day with or without food. Common side effects of cephalexin include upset […]

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