Reversing antibiotic resistance

Many of you may wonder why antibiotic resistance is something you should worry about. I’ll give you four reasons why you should. First, antibiotic resistance is a worldwide problem. Currently twice as many people die from antibiotic resistant infections as HIV. And if this continues more people will die from antibiotic resistant infections than from cancer by the […]

How antibiotic resistance arises

What is antibiotic resistance? Bacteria naturally evolve to develop ways of not being killed by antibiotics When this happens, these bacteria are known as antibiotic-resistant bacteria Antibiotic resistance can be caused by genetic mutations in the bacterial DNA that lead to a change in cell wall structure, metabolism, DNA replication or protein production. The antibiotic can then no […]

ORIGINS – Reared Without Antibiotic

[Music] the demand for animal protein to feed the world’s population is growing and is expected to continue rising to meet this demand producers have increased their production efficiency with better handling conditions genetic improvements and better facilities along with the use of antibiotics and vaccines to improve animal health however improper use of antibiotics can lead to […]

Antiviral drugs for the flu | Infectious diseases | Health & Medicine | Khan Academy

I’m going to quickly sketch out a flu virus for you– something like this. And it has an envelope, so this is our little envelope. And on the inside of this envelope are eight chunks of RNA, so let’s draw out the RNA. This is the genetic material. And this genetic material, among other things, codes for protein. […]

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