Antibiotics Dont Be a Jerk by MacKen Films Pty Ltd

>>RECEPTIONIST: Thank you. OK you can go through now. [Music]>>DOCTOR: Just looks like the common cold. Take plenty of liquids and stay cosy OK. You can watch some cartoons but not too many. She’ll by sniffly for a few days but it’s going around>>MOTHER: What about some antibiotics Doctor?>>DOCTOR: Antibiotics don’t work on the common cold, it won’t […]

Marie-Curie Fellow tips: talking to industry, calls over emails. ENVIROSTOME project at ICRA.

Hello everybody! My name is Ana de Almeida Kumlien, and I am here in the Catalan Institute of Water Research to tell you some good news. So, my day of work is nearly finish and the sun is shinning in Girona. And, I thought it was a good thing to do a video because I like to talk […]

Antibiotic Resistance – What it is, how it comes about, and what we can do about it

We tend to think about ourselves as humans, but this is only partly true. We are composed of trillions of human cells, but we are also made up of trillions of bacteria. These bacteria are part of us. They cover our entire skin and guts. Bacteria help us digest the food that we eat and protect us from […]

PACCARB Meeting Part 12: One Health & Antibiotic Resistance

>>Jay’s comments as an introduction are very good. So we appreciate it. But let’s get started, I will take nine minutes to give an introduction to this topic. Probably a little different way to look at it but coalesces your ideas how to think about that and then drill down into more specific strategies as well bring our […]

The Search for New Antibiotics with Jacques Dumas, Ph.D.

The problem with antibiotic resistance is actually just, you have it there, it’s “resistance.” It’s the fact that literally no matter how powerful antibiotics you make, if you throw them at bacteria you’re going to see bacterial resistance emerging over time. So the only way to address that is to make new compounds who are just different, improved […]

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