PACCARB 11th Public Mtg, Day 1 Pt 4: PANEL 3: Antibiotics, Therapeutics, & Alternatives

>>Lonnie King: So, for our next panel, we’re going to continue to focus on innovation and also antibiotics therapeutics and alternatives. So, we have four panelists, and thank you for being with us. So, we’re going to start the discussion with Discovery of Veterinary Spectrum Specific Agents and the Need for Innovation in Animal Health. We’re very pleased […]

What is EFSA doing to reduce the use of antibiotics in animals?

There have been quite a lot of concerns recently about the increasing levels of resistance in key zoonotic pathogens and also in commensals which have been associated with food animals and which transferred to humans either by contact or through food. This working group was set up really to look at measures that have been undertaken over the […]

Antibiotics Unearthed

Antibiotics Unearthed is a project that we’re running with the Microbiology Society. It’s a citizen science project where we’re getting members of the public to go out and gather soil, and we’re looking at that soil to see if there are bacteria in it that might be producing new antibiotics. We need to look for new antibiotics because […]

The drugs don’t work: a global antibiotics crisis | FT Investigation

We’ve got used to the fact that if you have a small infection, if you have a cut, if you need an operation, then you can use antibiotics and the infection won’t be serious. Unless we get a grip on resistance to the antibiotics, people will die from these things. The issue of anti-microbial resistance is up there […]

What is antibiotic resistance?

You’ve almost certainly taken them in the past But how do antibiotics actually work? Antibiotics are natural compounds produced by certain bacteria and fungi Scientists think they may use antibiotics as weapons against other microbes or as chemical signals We have harnessed the power of antibiotics as drugs to fight bacterial infections Antibiotics target parts of bacterial cells […]

PACCARB 9th Public Meeting Part 3: Vet Antibiotic Prescribing Behavior & Plant Disease & Control

>>Michael Apley: This morning we have one member, Dr. Scott, with some travel issues, so we are going to have him join us via phone. And we will start out with Dr. Morley, and along with Dr. Fowler — they’re going to discuss more on prescriber behavior, but this time about private practitioners. Dr. Morley is on the […]