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Meat & Poultry Labels: Grass-Fed, Free-Range, Organic…. What Does It All Mean?

hi I’m Darnell Cox with live young lifestyle and for me if I’m going to eat meat I want to make sure that I’m getting the most nutritious the most nutrient-dense and the healthiest happiest animals the first step is being able to decipher the labels so the labeling on all of these are not only confusing sometimes […]

New Snail Beauty Treatment: Snail Facial Latest Skin Care Craze In UK

COMM: Having snails creep all over your face may sound like your worst nightmare, but it’s the newest skin care craze to hit the UK. The Simply Divine salon in Corby, north Hamptonshire, is offering the unorthodox snail facial treatment for £50. The testament, which lasts 20 minutes, sees 3 of the slimy creatures crawl around the forehead […]