Superbugs in Conventional vs. Organic Chicken


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  • As we all know the organic chicken label really doesn't mean that much in regards to the birds living conditions, I would like to see this done on the polyface chickens which aren't slaughtered in the same huge slaugher houses (slaughtered on farm) and which are raised on a grass fed and natural diet.

  • People just go vegan. Why act like you are suppose to eat these animals when you have copious amounts of problems. Use your critical thinking for your stomach and leave meat off of your plate.

  • Victor Crosswell says:

    stop trying to do evil and not pay the price. cause and effect, you gonna pay the price no matter what drugs you take even if you don't want to. Karma B***H either stop doing it, or suffer the consequences.

  • It concerns me the number of rabid vegans and vegetarians this channel attracts or perhaps crates? Everyone's body can work differently, some people myself included don't function without animal products, look up Gregor's video on Taurine.. My biggest concern is that by not addressing the different types of meat production more deeply than just the marketing labels (eg slaughterhouse, growing conditions, diet of animals etc), these studies fail to tell us anything other than the industrial food systems ability to produce safe and healthy meat products is poor. Polyface has previously had there chicken tested for bacteria count and nutrient profile and while I won't do the disservice of quoting stats I don't remember fully, there was a significant difference in all derived animal products from these healthfully grown and slaughtered birds. To be clear I love Gregor's work, and eat lots of locally grown nutrient dense food because of them, but maintain that the people performing this research appear to be unaware of the impacts on the outcome of these studies caused by the poor state of the industrial food system.

  • I am nearly vegan, at times I want to saute a cricket into my dinner or eat a sea gull egg. We need a bit more than plants, but meat and eggs are not clean. And our oceans are fried. Sigh.

  • balderdashery G says:

    Thanks Dr. Gregor.  I love hearing how being vegan is the way to be.  Why eat stuff that is horrible for the animals, completely unsustainable, bad for the planet and very unhealthy?

  • What if you raised and killed your own chickens, without them going thru some plant. Would there still be a possibility of getting salmonella or sick?

  • says:

    This week’s most popular video examined the superbugs that one may not be avoiding when buying organic chicken:

  • Justgivemethetruth says:

    So, you're saying with out trillion brain cells we are not smart enough to triumph over  a bacteria that has no brain cells?   Argh!!!

  • I think some organic farms put chickens on an anti-biotic treatment after they get sick and remove them from the organic label but still sell them as conventionally raised. I don't know if they are completely separating them from the rest or not. What I do know is that if I raise chickens in the near future that I will be separating them.

  • I am a pescotarian. I eat limited amounts or non-endangered sea fruits caught on open sea by durable methods. It;s not perfect i know that but it prevents a lot of headache when it comes to monitoring your nutrition intake. And it's much healthier then other meats too. I don't consume dairy but i do eat an organic egg now and then. This works really well for me. When eating outdoors i still find myself ordering the vegetarian dish over the fish one though.

  • Organic live stock is not allowed to be slaughtered in slaughter houses that slaughters non-organic live stock. Also, I think it's important to not take your findings out of context. These are animal products that WERE found to be contaminated with salmonella AND out of that group, a certain percentage was contaminated with ESBL.

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