STPD and getting treatment [CC]

STPD, the hedgehog and me hi guys, welcome back after quite a long break today’s topic going to be surrounded around how a schizotypal personality disordered person can be helped
whether it’s for therapy or medication or anything other us always I’m basing
it on my own myself I can pinpoint some other methods but I don’t have
experience with them so mostly I’m going to talk I’m going to be talking about
how I was helped so in case I mentioned some medicine please remember that it
doesn’t have to help you just a small disclaimer in case someone
wondered okay thank you starting this topic there are many
ways to help schizotypal person for example me personally my seeking help started when
I visited psychiatrist years ago and after showing them a letter I wrote
because I was too shy I was too anxious to actually talk with them how I hate
myself what symptoms I have and how I’m scared
etc I was in a really dark place back then not this no I wrote two pages long
letter the psychiatrist describing myself how I
hate myself how I suffered mentally they read it and asked me to fill personality
test it is a professional personality test if I remember correctly there were
around 750 questions with answers like I strongly agree to
strongly disagree and in between and judging on
and my latter day diagnosed me with schizotypal personality disorder that’s
what that was the first step of course I am NOT against self diagnosis I am aware
that many people just don’t have the opportunity to find or pay for diagnosis
so that’s another disclaimer each diagnosis is in my opinion valid even
not professional well but let’s go back to the topic so I was assigned to the
therapy behavioural therapy speaking therapy first few therapists were a
mistake the first one for example when I told them I have strong will to kill
myself they said that suicide thoughts are and
this is a quote that suicidal thoughts are like pink elephant and that they are
not real I was a really dark place but then and telling something person to
person who is suicidal is not great so I didn’t spend much time with this woman
I changed to another therapist and it also was a fiasco because well they
decided that when I was non-verbal as I call it because it’s similar to autism
in this moment when I said when I sit down and I am NOT able to produce the
sound they decided to do the same and when I really need in this moment to be
dig out of the silence to asking questions to making me somehow speak
because otherwise I want they decided to sit silent with me for the whole hour of
appointment and this didn’t help the next I guess was group therapy
this one had sessions daily in an open group not in a mental facility but in
the place where we went in and went out after the sessions it helped
me a lot it open opened me and made me aware how to do social stuff I was no
longer I was weird of course I was weird that didn’t help as much but it helped
me to open myself to people and eventually I I received person-to-person
therapy and this one helped me a lot this one was based on training training
social situations training social behaviors replying to my delusions
replying to my magical thinking to my to my anxiety I was speaking about
something that was bothering me and the person talked with me comparing the
thing I say with the thing they thought about it and it really really helped me
so even if you don’t find a good therapist the first time please don’t
surrender I didn’t I’m glad I didn’t and well eventually I found a great
therapist that brang me to this day so that’s I think it’s worth trying
even if the way might be not so okay another thing that helped me and might
help to a skill type of person is medicine prescribed a dose of medicine
that is antipsychotic which is often used in case of schizophrenia but is
much much bigger dose and thing that I read that it opens me to people that
makes me not know not one thing run away so I have two medicines I take
them daily and they really help especially when a small psychotic
episode start or anxiety start to take over and well medicine really helped me
and if there is a need I believe that the your psychiatrist is going to include
some and it’s not the end of the world don’t say to yourself I am I am a psycho
sorry for the word because I have to take medicine that is prescribed it for
other psychos and I am not a normal person bla bla bla
no I was like that before but I met people who are also on medicine and they
are well no no we are normal just a little more difficult so please don’t
judge yourself just because you have to take some comes to make your day normal
it helps and that’s what really matter okay so apart from that I think the
really important part in healing is suffered from your close ones maybe not
from the people in your work on your school at uni because well you don’t
have power over them how they going to treat you but people like your family
people like your friends if you have any or close co-workers I guess when they
support you and they don’t judge you and they don’t try to persecute
you for who you are it really helps because well medicine
alone will calm some symptoms therapy alone will help you train some behaviour
but without the support that you are actually doing something well and you
are going better and no one notices it is very hurtful and might take you back
so if you have someone even if it this is one
person who believes new and who is supporting please cherish this person
because they are a big part of you getting healed okay guys that’s going to
be short video if you have anything more to add on the topic please let me know
in the comments and I will try to upload videos more often I’m sorry for the long
break I took that last time and well remember they say you were crazy hey the
best people are by


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