Spa Treatments : Spa Treatment: Professional Extractions

Spa Treatments : Spa Treatment: Professional Extractions

“Alright JR.” “Okay.” “Now your skin’s nice
and clean and it’s ready for extractions.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “I’m ready! Is it going to
be painful?” “I’m going to try and make it as least painful as possible.” “Okay! Let’s
do it!” “Okay. What I’m going to do is I’m going to take two pieces of cotton, they’re
large cotton, going to wrap them around my fingers. Okay?” “Okay.” “And I’m just going
to gently…” “OKay.” “…just squeeze right in here.” “OKay.” “Now is that painful?” “Nope.”
“That’s about as painful as it gets.” “OKay.” “Alright. And what this is doing is this is
cleaning the skin, cleaning out all the pores. Alright. So this is going to clean the skin,
clean out the pores. And you can see that, yeah, those are a few black heads right over
here.” “Okay.” “Okay.” “And now, what are blackheads?” “Blackheads are oxidized white
heads. So, basically, when oxygen hits, goes underneath the pore, and reaches the whitehead
it turns dark.” “Okay.” “Okay? So I have a little tool here and this is, maybe, just
a little uncomfortable.” “Actually, not bad.” “That’s not bad is it?” “No” “But what this
is going to do….” “Eyebrow waxing hurts more than this.” “Oh. Okay.” “Yeah, so this
isn’t bad.” “Yeah. Everyone’s different. When I have this done I’m cringing the whole time.
But, that’s just me. But you’re doing good. And, see, what this is doing? This is just
cleaning out all the pores that have oxidized white head in there. Okay, so it looks like
we got everything cleaned out there. Your nose looks good.” “Okay, now under there I
see a lot. Is that still whiteheads or is that dry skin?” “These are whiteheads.” “Okay.”
“And on girls this is, this is a girl’s hormonal zone. And this is where most girls are going
to break out. And usually, what happens, they get it in the same place.” “Exactly.” “Alright.
Maybe here, here, over here, a lot of times they get a line of them right down here. They
go away and they come back. What you want to do is use something on there that’s going
to be an anti-inflammatory. I have a product called ‘Big Night Blemish Buster’. And that’s
really nice. It has some salacilic acid in there which is going to exfoliate the area.
And also green tea and nice calming ingredients, like asaline which is going to help to take
the redness down, calm the skin, but also be strong enough to kill the bacteria and
help it to go away.” “Okay. I couldn’t imagine doing this at home. I know you can do it at
home, but, it’s so much better to have somebody else do it.” “They say it’s always better
to have someone else clean your skin, but, like you know you can do it. You can do it
at home as long as the skin is clean, prepped, softened up, and ready for extractions. And,
it looks like your skin’s good.”


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  • Educational material provided …. Hey Hoopski-doodoo or whatever your nickname means or is, you should film something . My understanding you are the anti-pseudo-scientific Guru..

  • yeah i agree, it isnt a waste of money, I really wish I had have continued going to the spa, I totalled f'ed my nose up and got a mini scar 🙁

  • No. Accutane won't make you go insane. My dermatologist said that it was never proven to cause psychological side effects. I had it done back in 2004 and my face has been flawless ever since. I still get chemical peels for a super flawless appearance.

  • Megan Rivera says:

    Nilyentaraka, you should go to a salon, ideally, once a month. However, at the minimum, every two and a half months. Not everyone can really afford to get really intensive facials like Hollywood stars, they get facials all the time.

  • Girlintherocket says:

    It isnt easy to see – what is the tool and what exactly is he doing??? Gee it would be better if they got in there for some detail!!

  • Sally Beauty Supply should have this tool on their web site. It's a metal tool with a small "spoon" shape at the end that has a hole in it. My guess is that you encircle the blemish with the hole, apply pressure and the little bugger pops out of the skin. It's generally something best left to pros, though, because you can do damage to your capillaries if the process is done wrong.

  • he is right though. when oxygen hits an exposed white head.. it becomes a blackhead. 😛 that is why a lot of them are kind of small at times is because they are small and when they get exposed to the oxygen in air they become black heads and turn darker. that's just my thoughts.

  • Let me clarify… in the United States, Accutane has been pulled from the market by the FDA… for a number of reasons, irritable bowel and kidney disease are 2 that come to mind.

  • MephistophelesMyLord says:

    Yeah,and the fact that having disfiguring acne can make a person suicidal never crossed your pea sized mind? Even depression drugs have been linked to suicide. People need to be responsible when taking prescriptions,if you're depressed while on it,stop taking it.

  • Patricia Pernet says:

    @brizzle31 Yeah and Canada took too long with Thalidomide and we all know about the birth defects in Canada after USA pulled this drug off the market. I wouldn't be so proud of Canada's history on drug recalls if I were you.

  • Her voice is very "pitchy", and not appropriate to the context of the video. It's a small room with a lot of reflective surfaces, so a low, soft voice like the expert's is better for the situation.

  • I just got this type of purifying facial done today. My face was cleared but there will be a tiny scratches, just from removing the blackheads.
    When they use that tool between your nose and face (that little crease) it is REALLY PAINFULLY!
    Other than that, its an uncomfortable experience…it feels like someone is using they finger nails to pinch you all over your face.
    The removal of blackheads is the only bad part of a purifying facial. It feels greats other than that. 🙂

  • @anxeLx Wow I was on the fence about him. I thought maybe hes just effimante then I thought maybe hes gay. Oh well.

  • @AsianPearsXD yes its done here in that states as well… that is a true extraction using an extraction tool. Now in some states it can only be done by a dermatologist but here in fl it could be done by an esthetician 🙂

  • greatwhiteprivilege says:

    It doesn't make any sense whatsoever that popping pimples would lead to thickened nose skin. Acne itself causes enlarged pores and thicker skin but thickened skin caused from popping pimples is not a logical or medically-accurate conclusion.

  • "Thats as painful as it gets…." Oh no. I've done this 3 time and each time I cried because my skin is always super clogged. Its one of the worst things ever

  • lyanna lyanna says:

    i dont know where did you get this knowledge but its not true…better to have huge blackheads…???and in many cases any cleasing products or exfoliation wont help only manual expression..this treatment performed all the time in Europe and i didint see people with potato' noses!that bulshit…maybe if its performed by very very bad beautician…even than not…

  • Cassandra Catriona says:

    It's not that painful it feel more like pressure and I wen 4 a facial and the lady said it pinches but I found it was more like pressure

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  • Atma Ram Neupane says:

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  • mohmmad hazaimeh says:

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  • Kai And Mommy says:

    She’s got to be in aesthetics as well. Their conversation is staged because she’s talking too loud and to hype. Basic knowledge in this video… blah!

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