I don’t have expectations for the antibiotics to lessen my morning cough or help my lungs overall, because they typically don’t do anything for my lungs. But for my sinuses… ♬ Oh, you gotta breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe ♬ ♬ Let it go and let it be, be, be ♬ [both] Good morning! Guys, my hair! Look at that. It’s like a… What’s that doing? I got a little, like, a cowlick going on there. I think it’s… Sweet. What in the world? Anyways. He still has hair. I still have hair. [chuckling] Good morning guys. I got back late last night from a trip down to North Carolina. It was a crazy, like… Monday through Wednesday. So, you got there on Tuesday morning at 3 in the morning. Oh, yeah, it was crazy. So, tune in in days to come. I’m not sure when I’m gonna get to put that footage together. But we will show you that house shopping experience. And that I did stay in a tiny house. So I did a little tour of that, so videos to come for that, but… I got into North Carolina on Monday… [Mary] Tuesday. Tuesday morning, you know, middle of the night. Rental car place is closed and it was, it was a mess. I took a Lyft to my Airbnb. Anyways… [Mary] Is my vest too loud? Um, no, I think it’s fine. Sorry. Uh, anyways, I got back… late last night. What time did I get home, like 11:30? [Mary] Yep. 11:30 and so last night I slept really well. I was so tired. Um, but… I mean, you had constant days from… Sunday all day. Yeah. And then all day, all day, all day. Yeah. Yeah. So, it’s been a crazy week and I am so glad to be at home, sleep in our own bed, be here with Mary, and… Ollie boy. I missed you guys. [Mary] We missed you. But we wanted to, um… We want to, so the vlogs are gonna be a little out of order because I need to get to all that footage from the last few days, but we wanted to make a little simple vlog today because I think today needs to be a simple day of recouping for me. I gotta get back into Massachusetts life, and… work on my sermon for Sunday, and I’ve got other things. So, today’s Thursday? Yeah. I thought it was still… Oh man. It’s a whirlwind, for sure. I really like, so right before Palm Sunday, I saw these palm, well, a few weeks before Palm Sunday I saw all these palm trees at Walmart and I… thought that would be cool to like, have up on the stage for church that Sunday. And then, I didn’t think about it until like, the night before. I was like, I wonder if Walmart has any more? So I ran to Walmart and uh… I was looking for them. They had this big section when I saw it before, and then it was gone. So I… went to one of the sales people or somebody who works there, and was like, do you have any of those palm trees? He’s like, oh somebody just returned one. Oh, I didn’t know that! Yeah, and it was like, at the register. Somebody had just returned it and it had, actually, you can still kind of… Well, you can’t see it in the shot. It’s got like, a dying branch. I guess he returned it because it had a… dying branch, but… Anyways, I would have never thought to have a palm tree… Like, big plant in our house. No. But it’s so nice! I love it. And it has been the background for a few of our videos. True. I feel like we’ve really arrived. We’ve arrived because we have like, a prop. Like, a tree that’s like a little bit blurry in the background. Ah yes, so cool. Part of this whirlwind of a week is that right before I left, Mary and I ran to the grocery store, grabbed a few essentials so that she could feed herself in the days that I was gone, and I think she fended well for herself. But I, I had in the back of my mind that Home Chef was coming this week, and we’re so grateful to Home Chef for sponsoring today’s vlog and for partnering with the Frey Life and just being a part of what makes these videos possible. But I… am also excited because they have this new kind of meal called oven ready. Mary told me about it before we ordered last week. [Mary] Instagram, uh, Instagram… [Peter] Instagram advertising worked on you. I was like, wait, what? [Peter] Yeah, I saw it, too. And I was like, wait. Home Chef doesn’t have oven ready meals! Because that was one thing like, Home Chef has been super helpful for us to have all the ingredients. It’s this meal kit delivery service where it has all the ingredients. It, like, bagged up in a bag. It’s… I don’t even know what we ordered, but this is teriyaki ginger glazed salmon, and all the ingredients are there and it’s ready to go. So that’s been like, super helpful for Mary and I, taking the meal planning and… recipes and… shopping out of the picture, but it is still a lot of work. So I’ve heard feedback from some of you guys as we partnered with Home Chef, about how number one, sometimes when you make the full Home Chef meal you’re left with a lot of dishes. And so they have one new one that I’m excited. Well, here, let’s look in the package. And props to Home Chef for moving to all recyclable [Peter] packaging. I am impressed. [Peter] But they’ve got this new one called oven ready meals and it comes with [Peter] the…a pan to cook it in, and so you don’t have to use other dishes. [Peter] So it’s like easy preparation and cleanup. and then… [Peter] like, the other feedback I hear is it takes…like, it’s too much work. [Peter] And like, I feel that. Sometimes like the, like, this one, 30 to 40 minutes [Peter] to make kind of like, a gourmet salmon meal. But they have these new ones called… [Peter] Home Chef Express, and they’re 15-minute meals. And I made, I ordered a couple of those last week and made them and it literally took me less than 15 minutes to make. It was perfect for lunch. Anyways… We’re thankful for Home Chef and adding simplicity. It is a convenience that you pay for but it helps in the whirlwind of life. And so if you guys want to try out Home Chef, they have a promotion through our link in the description. You can use the code MARYANDPETER80 to get $20 off of your first four boxes that you order. You can space those out however you want, but if you’ve been thinking about giving Home Chef a try… and maybe those were some of the drawbacks you saw, maybe you want to try the oven ready or the express meals. And thanks Home Chef for partnering with the Frey Life. [pill bottles rattling] What you got jingling over there? Actually, while Peter was gone… I talked to my team and updated them on how the sinus… [cuckoo clock chirping] Hello. Hello. Mary’s been really enjoying birds lately, I have to say. If you, if you don’t follow her on Instagram, you should follow her and watch her stories of her just like, crying as she watches birds. Happy tears. Birds and succulents. Um… That should be your description, the bio of your Instagram. Birds, succulents, and poodle. [chuckling] There it is. So, I talked to my team and updated them about how the sinus headaches have started back up and low-grade fevers. They were like, yeah, let’s start some antibiotics. So they called in two antibiotics. Doxy and levo. Doxycycline and levofloxacin, while Peter was gone. And thankfully my neighbor… was willing to go get those for me, and so she brought those to me. And I started them, I guess, two days ago now. And it was interesting cuz my fever went a little higher last night, and Peter’s like… huh? And then he was like, oh maybe because the antibiotics. Yeah, you know how her body kind of goes in fight mode when she goes on IVs? I don’t think we’ve ever associated that with oral antibiotics, but… I wonder. I won’t be surprised. And I mean, I guess it makes sense. Wow, it is really raining. It’s kind of a dreary dreary day. But it’s kind of cleansing. Cleansing… So anyway, I think I’m starting to feel, like, these, the one has, one is twice a day, one is once a day. And I’m just feeling a little, like… Okay. It’s starting to hit. Yeah. Maybe I should try to eat something. Um… But yeah, we’ll see what happens. While Peter was gone I was like, trying to take tylenol before the headache hit each day, because… The day that you left, or, yeah, the day you left I was in so much pain and he felt so bad for leaving, but I was like, I’m fine. I’m just gonna be in bed. I’m totally fine. Go… Do what we got to do. So anyway, we are hoping that these will kick in and help. And historically with Mary’s health, what oral antibiotics have done. We have seen them improve her sinuses in the past, uh… Kind of temporarily. Yeah, it’s kind of like, they’ll get a little better during the course, and then like, two weeks later they’ll be… back to where they were, but like two weeks after ending. So in some ways the oral antibiotics help us delay IVs. I think that’s kind of how we view it. I don’t know if that’s… I mean, obviously we would hope that, well, yeah. We would hope that we could delay going on IV antibiotics. But we would hope that it would last a little longer. I guess that’s what I’m saying. I don’t even have like, hope. [chuckles] Yeah. I don’t even have expectations, that’s the word. I don’t have expectations for the antibiotics to lessen my morning cough, or help my lungs overall, because they typically don’t do anything for my lungs. But for my sinuses, they typically… Yeah. Suppress the headaches a little bit. And it’s so interesting to Mary and I, as we think about her sinuses, and they most likely, I mean, it’s pretty much… Is it almost certainly? Almost certainly, that’s Mary’s word for this week. Almost certainly. Uh, grow the same bacteria as her lungs, and… We’re always so curious about what makes what worse. You know? Do the sinuses make the lungs worse? Or is the bacteria from the lungs… the same as her sinuses, and it’s kind of… And like, why do orals, why do the orals help my sinuses but not my lungs? Um, this is actually a good prompting question. Post lung transplant… I thought you’re gonna say, what comes first? The chicken or the egg? Oh my gosh. Okay, post lung transplant. So, after lung transplant… what… does it look like? Yeah. Symptomatically. And it is going to be different for every single body that is transplanted. But like, I know a couple of people who have had transplants, and what I’ve noticed is… sinus issues are the same or worse. I’m sure for some people it gets better, but it can get worse after transplant for some reason. I don’t know. The sinuses, obviously you aren’t transplanting the sinuses. So those are still CF sinuses with smaller cavities in between and all the issues of CF sinuses. CF cells, and yeah. So CF sinus disease will not leave after transplant, most likely. But… And sometimes it can be a challenge post transplant, with that affecting the lungs. Yeah, it’s all, you know, it all goes into that category of transplant is not a cure. Transplant is not simple. It is not an easy fix. It is, if it is an option, it can be a good option. And if that is the option you have to take… take it. And you’re gonna have challenges and you’re gonna handle the challenges. Just as you do pre-transplant. CF is a challenge. You take it one challenge at a time. It’s just the same after transplant, just a new set of challenges. Typically though, including breathing easier. So anyway, random thoughts from the Frey Life. As Mary starts antibiotics and… [pill bottle rattling] [both] As always, we will see you tomorrow. Good night! [Peter] And good night Ollie boy. ♬♬



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    I was in FL for two months after the loss of my uncle. I was there to help my aunt and cousins adjust and heal (physically and emotionally), but ended up sick making three trips to urgent care. It was frustrating because my chest and lungs were always clear, but my sinuses were inflamed as were my bronchi. They put me on amoxicillin first which didn’t work for me so I got put on Doxy. I just finished it recently. I was also on Methylprednisolone, Prednisone, and Benzonatate through all of it plus Mucinex and Sudafed. Sinus issues SUCK. I’m there with you. Sinus infections and bronchitis are big problems for me. I just finished my antibiotics and feel like my cough is coming back again, but not as bad. I spent a lot of time thanking God that my health is what it is and I’m not facing these challenges daily and chronically as you are. You’re a fighter. I was miserable and wasn’t much help to my aunt and cousins when it came to doing much cleaning or cooking. You’re a trooper, Mary. 💪🏼

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  • Mary, I know you have excellent doctors and I know you get a TON of unsolicited medical advice on here, and I hate getting unsolicited medical advice so I hate being that person who gives it. I have MARCONS. Antibiotic resistant bacteria colonizing my sinuses. Probably pretty close to, or even the same as what's in your sinuses. It's worse than MRSA which I've also had, it's resistant to more antibiotics than MRSA is. Instead of oral antibiotics or the BEG nasal spray I could have done for my MARCONS infection, I found a collodial silver and essential oil nasal spray called OMG Nasal Spray by Dr. Fitt you do not need a prescription for, you just order it off his website and it has worked better than anything any mainstream medicine doctor has given me. I'm actually surprised even though I usually go for the natural stuff before I resort to big pharmacy. I know collodial silver is a great natural antibiotic and I know essential oils work for most things they say they work for but I did not know they were SO effective on antibiotic resistant bacteria. And the best part is, it's completely non toxic and it will not interact or counteract any meds you are already on. Please, just look into it for your sinuses. I know how horrible the headaches are and taking so much Tylenol with your liver is not good at all. I know people that have lost their liver just from using Tylenol.. it's from the heart. I really do care! 💕

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  • Mary, I'm not a medical doctor and still one year out from my PhD (hopefully), but my understanding is that in cystic fibrosis patients oral absorption and deliverance of antibiotics to the lungs is not good. So basically, the antibiotics (or any drugs) must go through the digestive tract to the liver (which you have liver disease so that doesn't help) where it is metabolized and transported to the bloodstream (we call it first-pass metabolism) which takes it to the site of action. Because you probably have resistant bugs in your lungs, oral antibiotics and the limit of absorption into the bloodstream means that they can no longer do much for you in your lungs. The bugs in your sinuses probably aren't to that level of resistance yet and still respond to oral antibiotics. As you well know, there is a limit on how much antibiotics they can give you because your kidneys have to excrete it and many antibiotics, unfortunately (like any polymyxins and any aminoglycosides like gentamicin). IV antibiotics have a much higher absorbance since it's going directly into your bloodstream, so while you still have a risk of kidney injury, your absorbance is much higher and is much more effective in your lungs. I hope this kind of helps to answer your question. You're one of the bravest CF / chronic illness fighters I know. You inspire me every day. I love the vlogs!

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  • Doxy is strong stuff in my experience (not CF, however was on it long term at one point.) Had an experience with it once while out in the hot sun and got badly sunburned, even with SPF 50 and a hat on…

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  • Interesting convo on sinus issues ( I have been on a lot of meds for sinus problems) and I have other lung issues and always end up with pneumonia or bronchitis with any sinus infection… agree, wonder how they relate to each other…maybe on a cellular basis they are similar but then why does the med clear up the sinus and not the lung… anyway great discussion

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