Si tu madre fuera un ANTIVIRUS

Si tu madre fuera un ANTIVIRUS

Gives you no shame? MUM! I´m am old enoughth! Wait, I help you. Thank you! No, that cant be real!! What happend? Toby eaten my notes of techniches and process of stadistics aplicated to celular micro-economy. How I´m going to study now! I´ts lucky that I made a copy of your notes yesterday. Just in case! Thanks mum! I´m dont know what i´m going to do without you! Toby! And then he tells me: The key to be happy is this one: allways that (he coughts) Are you ok? Yes, but I think that I was
cold MUM! Yeeees! I won 10.000 euros! Only spam. But this it´s a bill? Where is my 10.000 euros? (Both coughts) If you did not have to have removed the protection that I put to you Now you are infected… Drink this. Wow! Cool I feel better There are a little for me? No. It´s incredible you now? The bill. Whith credit card please. I forget my key! What? That you dont know your key? This card it´s new! Thanks mum. Here. My eyes here. Give me it! Release my bag! We are going to see if now you are so brave! Hey! You are going to attack us with this bottle? Spooky! It´s black magic! Its yours this firewall???!!! I can see that you worry my daugther security like me! (Coughts) In the real life the best protectcion is that a mum gave you And for the digital life The best way it´s Kaspersky In the descriptcion we leave an offert for limited time For the security solucions Kaspersky See you in the next video! Bye!


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