Sarah’s PhD in Antibiotic Bacteria: Life as a UEA Postgraduate Research Student

So I’m Sarah and I study the
antibiotic producing bacteria that live on leafcutter ants and also within
plant roots. So I guess that everyone knows a little bit about the antibiotic
resistance crisis and the fact that the bugs infectors are becoming resistant
to the antibiotics that we get from the doctors, so looking in strange places
like the cuticle of ants is I guess the next place to go looking for antibiotics.
I think microbes are so often kind of forgotten and we don’t really always
realise how much they do for us, so antibiotic reduction by degradation are
all things that they can do that we forget. I really enjoyed going to Panama in my
first year to actually dig up leafcutter ant colonies. Seeing the ants in their
environment was really cool. Research is very exciting, you never have
kind of one day that’s the same and yeah I like the freedom of being a student and all the opportunities that are available to you not just in your research but also outside.


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