Rosacea Laser for treatment of broken capillaries and facial redness

Rosacea Laser for treatment of broken capillaries and facial redness

– It was recommended that
I have some treatment for the broken capillaries on my face. I find that it’s getting harder
to conceal with foundations, when I apply make up and I’d like to have my
younger skin back again. – So, she’s had that for quite some time, she noticed the broken
capillaries showing up in her early 30s and she’s discovered that they’ve just been getting worse. So the causes of facial redness, broken capillaries or telangiectasia, can be rosacea, uv damage or soemtimes genetics. So these causes we can
treat with laser treatments, other treatments such as eczema, dermatitis or keratosis pilaris rubra, these causes we cannot
treat with laser treatments. The Gemini Laser that we use to treat broken capillaries
or telangiectasia has a wavelength of 532 nanometers, which specifically
targets the oxyhemoglobins in the broken capillaries and it helps to shut down
the broken capillaries and improves the appearance of the skin. If you have a specific wavelength, that specific wavelength is going to target your specific concern and it’s not going to target any of the other structures in the skin. When you have treatment
with the Gemini Laser, I tell my patients that it feels like a hot rubber band snapping
the surface of the skin. It is a little uncomfortable but the chilled laser head helps to relieve some of the discomfort. We also have cold air
that we blow on the face. We put some cold aloe vera gel that we can put on the face afterwards. So, all of these things help
to relieve the discomfort, minimize discomfort and speed up recovery. The larger the area we treat, the more redness and
swelling you can have. Some people recover really quickly from the redness and swelling and other people it
takes them a but longer but usually you can cover
it with some makeup, in the meantime. Some common misconceptions for treatment of broken capillaries or telangiectasia is that we can get rid
of it with one treatment. So, often it requires multiple treatments. On average I say three
treatments a month apart and then you might require
maintenance once year or once every few years, just depending on the person, their skin type and how good they are with maintaining the results afterward. – I tell people I have treatments, I don’t see a reason to lie. I’m 50 years old, you can only contain so much at that age. It’s not something that
I’m embarrassed about or ashamed about, it’s a matter of personal choice, whether you decide if you want to enhance yourself as you get older or if you want to just age gracefully. – It’s been a few months after
Denise had her treatment. She’s been very pleased with her results. She feels a lot less self conscious now. – I’m absolutely amazed with my results. It’s given me a big
boost in my confidence. My skin is looking the same
way it was about ten years ago, Fantastic. Fully recommend it to anybody
who wants to get it done. – So Denise had three treatments and three treatments is the average number of treatments that we
recommend for the Gemini Laser. – With the treatment, with taking the option
of no numbing cream, it felt a little bit like an elastic band flicking you in the face. Depending on the variance of the laser, that degree, it was less or stronger
during the treatments. I was comfortable during the treatment. I was quite lucky, I didn’t really need any
down time afterwards. I had a tiny little bit
of swelling over night and a small amount of redness but I would suggest that’s because it’s
important to sleep upright on the first night to prevent the swelling from taking a hold. I did that after every treatment and I was at work the next day. I need to apply less makeup
to cover the capillaries that were there before. I guess it’s probably saving me about 20 minutes every morning from trying to hide and
cover up the capillaries. Now I use minimal make up and my skin underneath, you can still see that under the makeup. It’s just been totally amazing. Everybody that sees my skin
comments on how great it looks.


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