14 thoughts on “Ronesh Sinha: “A Diabetes Cure Designed for Diverse Cultures” | Talks at Google”

  • colonyofcells iamamachine2 says:

    For asians, normal bmi is probably closer to 18 to 22. For people from india and pakistan, probably better to stay closer to bmi 19.

  • colonyofcells iamamachine2 says:

    One simple rule to have healthier unrefined diet is from Dr Bill Harris of the vegetarian society of hawaii : if it has no fiber, do not eat it. Fiber needs water to work so do soups. Can eliminate refined substances like oil, sweeteners, juice, refined flour, protein powder, salt, etc. Another class of junk food to reduce or eliminate are animal products (all animal products have 0 fiber) and just take vitamin b12 supplement. China has already told its citizens to reduce animal products by 50% for health and for the environment. About 15% of global warming is caused by livestock.

  • colonyofcells iamamachine2 says:

    Can easily lose weight and or be healthy by eating unrefined foods with low calorie density. If reducing or eliminating animal products, can take b12 supplement. Very low calorie density: vegetables, fresh fruits (not dried, not juice), non fat dairy. Fiber needs water to work so consume plenty of soups. Low calorie density: winter squash (like pumpkin), sweet potato, potato, taro, yam, oat groats, wheat grains, barley, millet, beans, peas, lentils, anchovies, sardines, egg whites. Medium calorie density: brown rice, red rice, black rice, whole grain bread, whole grain noodles, whole grain pasta, pork, chicken, eggs. High calorie density: nuts, seeds (like pumpkin seeds, hemp seed, sesame seed), oil, sweeteners, refined flour, bacon, cheese, butter, margarine. To get enough calories have to eat enough cheap staple foods like tubers, whole grains and or winter squash.
    To avoid deficiencies, unrefined vegans do need to know which foods are good sources of vitamin d (usually sunshine and or supplement), iodine (seaweeds like nori and wakame), epa/dha (flax seed powder, chia seed, and or supplement), vitamin b2, calcium, iron, zinc, etc. There are brands of mushrooms with vitamin d (they shine uvb light on the mushrooms).

  • I'm very disappointed that this video does not first make the distinction between Type II Diabetes and Type I Diabetes. This perpetuates the misconception that Type I Diabetes is "reversible" and that Type I Diabetes was caused by lifestyle choices. Both of these are completely untrue. Type I Diabetes afflicts ~1 in 600, and the vast majority of these are adolescent children. They did nothing to cause it, and there is absolutely no cure or ability to reverse or lessen the disease. They will be insulin-dependent for the rest of their lives. Period. We need increased funding in stem-cell research and in technology like a closed-loop artificial pancreas.

  • سفيان الثقفي says:

    My doctor told me one time :" As an endocrinologist (Diabetes doctor) I study how to manage diabetes not how to cure diabetes!!! " I was shocked but I realize the truth which is they don't want to cure diabetes because they make 14-15 billion dollar a year ONLY IN USA from diabetes medication. These beasts don't want to lose these money. Over 100 year since insulin treatment founded nothing changed and they willing to continue to use it as treatment because it is a successful trade item that makes trillion of dollar worldwide.

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