Results of ACNE LASER TREATMENT! Before + After!

Results of ACNE LASER TREATMENT! Before + After!

Hey It’s Fei Today I’m gonna show you my recovery frome my acne scar, age spots and mole removal laser treatment Which you can watch here Starting with day one of recovery Which is the day after I got rid of the stickers. These bandages are similar to Hydrocolloid Acne patches The concept is similar: Pus comes out to the surface and the sticker turns white Honestly, I should’ve left it on for another day or two, but I had to go out that day so, priorities. Today is the next day and I’m gonna take off my stickers Hi Mina, cuz apparently you take them off when they are white The pus is coming out, pretty gross. Oh my god Recovery normally takes up to two weeks and more depending on how intense your treatment was, the little bits that look like freckles That’s from the CO2 treatment mainly moles, dark spots, and blemishes. The brown patches that you see That’s from discoloration correcting from the IPL, over the next few days the aftermath will be there. The doctor told me it was Completely normal and fine to put on skincare and makeup on top. Just remember to load up a sunscreen I think one of my biggest mistakes is not avoiding sun exposure. Normally within the next few weeks you’re supposed to stray away from the sunlight as much as possible After IPL your skin is more susceptible to UV rays and can actually worsen any sun spots. Just be aware of sun damage. Even though I didn’t take extreme caution, I was still okay, so no worries Fast-forward the fifth day of recovery: my skin was regaining it’s sturdiness back. The days in between it did feel itchy and all I wanted to do was scratch my face but I couldn’t so I would often poke my face with my nails. The IPL spots were coming through as well They’re often described as a coffee ground appearance. Here is the update on my face So far starting to peel a little bit down here And I can tell they really started to dry up and scab So it is brown right now. On the progress on the cheek: a lot of them are starting to get to the final step soon I feel like it is going to start peeling. At first it looked like it was going to blister honestly like this area and in this area But they’re just scabbing now and starting to peel as you can tell this piece fell off last night. That’s the update on my face Maybe the next day (day six) I’ve noticed a lots of my scabs have fallen off There was definitely less than before not that I counted But the ones around my eyes have completely shaken off well excluding the big cockroach looking one. The ones on the sides of my face though not so much By day eight the coffee grounded pigments had to risen to the surface of my skin. It feels like how it looks dry and crusty quick update on my scabs I Just peel one off Oops it just like came off Holy crap they have been falling off easily I need to be careful. A lot of the scabs here are gone. So the next day I woke up and realized the little brown spot on my chin had peeled off honestly I feel like I accidentally did this while I was moving around in my sleep hence the pink flesh. I’m a little worried but not disturbed I just got done putting on my skincare so don’t mind the dewy skin just wanted to show you how bouncy and smooth My skin was around the cockroach. Day 10: I flew from Korea to Japan and let me tell you almost all of my CO2 spots Fallen off but look how the cockroach is holding It is holding on for dear life. The root of it is still glued tight while the edges are flaking off I want to give you guys an update on this piece You can tell it’s gonna fall off like people are gonna stare at me and then like “Ew!” Doesn’t it make you want to just pull it off. *I wanna shake hands with it* I didn’t put any makeup on it or around it. I tried to stay away from it You can tell it’s like gonna peel off. Oh my god. It’s on the edge. That’s disgusting The next day I woke up and realized my cockroach committed suicide while I was sleeping I don’t know what happened, but something definitely went down while I was in la-la land I was worried because look how pink that flesh looks *whoops* However the rest of my face was Seemingly clearing up despite a few marks left over on my textured and dented skin I’m a back home! A good month had passed And I can honestly say I’m very pleased with my skin and the amazing things it can do. There is Still a pink mark in memory of my baby cockroach and brown spots on my cheeks And chin now everything is perfectly clear, but that’s perfectly okay What matters is that my skin looks healthy and youthful my face is way smoother than before Even though I still have textured patches on my cheeks Which are results of my many many years with hormonal acne and sun damage Would you guys like to see an updated skincare routine? Like this video and let me know I hope you learned something new today Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you are struggling with acne. I’m always here to help you until next time I’m sending love bye


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