Queen Naija “Medicine” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Queen Naija “Medicine” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Some females out there might actually turn
into savages like, just out here curving niggas left and right. And being a player. Like do what guys do. Kinda like hit, quit. You know? I mean I feel like it’s just double standards,
man. Like, “Oh why you doing this? You not supposed to be doing this. You’re a lady.” No. I’m gonna be a savage just like you. Ok, I’m going through this tough situation
in my marriage. Everybody was pretty much asking me, “What’s
going on? Are you going to leave? Are you not going to leave?” All that stuff like a news reporter
or something. I don’t know. I just kind of put all my pain into a song. You love keeping your girl looking good, but
you can’t keep me from looking crazy. Meaning embarrassed, looking stupid. Got people out here saying, “Hey, is this
your so-and-so? I seen him with so-and-so,”
and I’m just like… If I’m sitting next to you, and we on the
couch or whatever. For an example, and somebody text you and
I see some kind of heart eye emojis and you try to turn your phone like this, I’m just
like, “Hmm. Who you texting?” If you can’t show me the messages, that trust
is right there, it’s broken. I hear that a lot with women. Usually, when you feel something in your gut,
that’s what’s going on. I don’t know why we have that, but we know
everything. We find out everything. Them niggas better watch out. Let me tell you a secret, okay? Well, I’m telling everybody now but…I used
to do a lot of lurking. You know how you could go look at post you’ve
liked? I would do that. I would go look at posts that people liked,
and it would be a bunch of Instagram baddies, and I be like, “Oh, so that’s what you like. It makes me feel like I have to kind of boss
up a little more, step my game up, like I have to compete. I feel like some people that you get with
or that you’re in a relationship with, they’re not gonna have the full 100% of what you need. You might be faithful. You might be nice and have a good heart. You might be okay, like pretty. But this girl over here, she got sex appeal. She got mad sex appeal. She got a big booty, long hair, nice eyes. So I feel like they go out in search for the
lacking part of what they had. I didn’t do it. But however, when I did separate from him,
I do have friends I talk to but that don’t mean I just go and…I’m not out here just
hoein’ and sluttin’ around though. So you shouldn’t go do what I said. Don’t do that. I kind of got this concept from Tink. “I’ma call Brian, FaceTime Ryan…”
Lorenzo just came up outta nowhere. I was just like, wow Lorenzo. I like that name. I think that there’s someone cute out there
named Lorenzo maybe. If your name Lorenzo…sike nah I’m just
playing. What kind of face would they make? I don’t know, like, a very hurt face. Like, they whole eyebrows would just go down
like this. They face would be like this. You know that emoji? That’s the face they would make. They’d be like, “Can’t believe it. She just went to do all the dirt that
I just did. Wow. I believe that
everybody deserves a second chance. But
I feel like once it becomes repetitive, like back-to-back-to-back, now you just taking
advantage of me. I guess a lot of women can relate to it nowadays because niggas just like to play around with people’s hearts for some reason. The signs you should look for when you know somebody is like not in love with you anymore, like spending less time with you, on their phone more, going out more, putting they phone down like face down when ya’ll at restaurants. Everything that you do even if you don’t do anything too big, they get irritated at it. It could be the smallest thing, and they just be like “Ugh. Man, why is this? Why is that?” I’m just like, “You just don’t like me anymore.” I feel like getting revenge makes you feel
good, and you get to see the other person hurt. It just makes you feel at the moment, but
after a while…I don’t know about other people. Maybe other people will still feel good later
on in the long run. But in the long run for me, I would feel bad,
even though that person hurt me and did me wrong. I’ll be like, “Aww.”


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