Proteccion Malware para Android

Proteccion Malware para Android

Hello again, infonaut, welcome or welcome to a new installment of your YouTube channel infoductiva … this time we will see an anti-malware protection for your android device, whether mobile or tablet … interesting right? We start! well the first thing we will do is open our Google Play Store and put in the top in the search engine … protection and with this we should be given as the first alternative This protection Malware antivirus and anti malware from malwarebytes click on it and here we have it As always, I recommend you take a look at the number of downloads … to the ratings to this section that puts more information where it tells us that it is the strong point or what is the way to act or what is this application capable of doing review it carefully you should do this with any application before installing it to really know what is your role check out the opinions, comments from users and ratings with this you will get an idea of ​​the diffusion and use of this program Well … once I’ve reviewed all this what we are going to do is simply click on the install button, give us the permissions to review them before accepting them and how do you see the download begins? of this Malwarebytes antivirus and anti-Malware … you have finished downloading then the installation begins of the app from the apk let’s wait for it to finish and that’s it directly I’m going to press open but remember that you have created an icon of this program inside your device here we have the presentation screen down here welcomes us in the next screen we offer 30 days of premium trial and if we keep going down we will find the comparison between the premium version and the free one … as you see, the free one does not have any of these sections does not do any of these functions first ones that appear in the list and instead as you see makes analysis on demand, audit of privacy, security, reminders of problems … in without, here you can see what it does here the premium tells us and we click on my interface … this is the interface, we have a button to fix, at the bottom it indicates in green what we have good configured and red what we lack and what we see in orange are the problems that are not critical the first thing that we are going to do as it is logical is going to be review at the bottom all those mistakes as you see, the database has never been updated so we click about updating database to start this update as you see we are indicating the different tasks that we should be doing in our device to get leave it fully protected and clean … clean of antivirus and antimalwares sorry … clean of viruses and malwares … well, we have a device manager too in this case it is activated already tells us that the database has been updated so let’s see has already been updated, that is the sign indicating that we already have the database in operation completely updated now we should perform this analysis so that it appears to us that it is running and meanwhile we’re going to see the device manager since it’s not activated but how do you see has an orange circle means which is not critical but recommendable of course we also have access to non-permitted use here we have the information about the administrator how do you see we have several operations that we can perform I recommend that you read them carefully how do you see the analysis is running here we have it, let’s do … it tells me that it will take an hour but hey, it’s really going to take a lot less do not worry… we leave it in this situation to do the analysis of all applications and all the files on our device I do not want to extend this video what I’m going to do is cut it here and I’m going to continue right in the point where you have finished performing this analysis … no malicious programs were found … it has analyzed in my case 211 applications and 464 files it gives us the possibility of carrying out the analysis again and it indicates the date in which we have just completed the last analysis … well … it’s very interesting, it has the same sections as any other antivirus for android do you have as you see several icons at the top, the gear to the right and to the left those three horizontal bars what are the options, we have a white list as you see these are the gear configuration options where we can decide even scheduled analyzes or how we want the analyzes to work and in the menu as you see we have the possibility to upgrade to the premium version and other very interesting options that we should review calmly … Well that’s it thank you very much for sharing my videos on your social networks, thanks for subscribing and for activating the notification bell … thank you very much for your comments and for your Likes … see you in a new installment of your infoductive YouTube channel see you soon infonaut


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  • Hola ! Te quería hacer una pregunta ,no va de este addon pero tengo una duda ¿ Es seguro registrarse en palantin ?

  • Interesante y a la vez útil el video con la recomendación y bien explicado. Muchas gracias campeón por el tiempo que nos dedicas que para tí será valioso.

  • Jhonny Sanchez Benito says:


  • Creen que tenga virus mi teléfono en este caso el mío es
    Que cada vez que entro a YouTube o pongo música se baja el volumen pero lo puedo volver a subir 2da cada vez que me salgo a la pantalla principal se me abre el volumen de las notificaciones una y otra vez trabandose y poniéndolo en modo no molestar es incómodo alguien que sepa que pasa lo agrego mucho

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